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Treat your skin to these lovely cleansing cloths. Simply wet one with warm water and wipe across your face to remove the layers of makeup you've had on all day, without smearing across your face. Machine washable so you can use them again and again, these cloths are perfect for travel and means you don't have to keep stocking up on disposable wipes.

Cleansing Cloth Benefits

  • Removes makeup with just water
  • Re-use up to 1,000 times - machine washable
  • Has special microfibers that swell up when wet, grabbing hold of makeup particles and trapping them, which means makeup is removed, smear-free
  • Can be used to remove day and night makeup, including eye shadow, foundation, blusher, and even long-wear lipstick and oil-based eyeliners
  • Double-sided - The Grab-and-Hold fibers trap makeup when cleansing so that they don't end up moving around and smudge across your face
  • To reuse, just wash your cloth in a cold wash, again and again
  • It's fast drying, meaning it's perfect for travel
  • Uses no chemicals, and is perfect for use on sensitive skin, eyes and lips
  • Rinse your cloth under warm water and use gentle circular motions to remove makeup
  • In a 30 participant Magnitone consumer perception study:
  • 96.7% said Magnitone WipeOut! removed all their makeup with just warm water
  • 100% said they would recommend Magnitone WipeOut! to a friend
  • 96.7% said they would use Magnitone Wipeout! to replace disposable face wipes
  • 83.3% said they prefer Magnitone Wipeout! to their usual method of removing makeup
  • Made in China

Please see the Usage tab for how to use information.

How To Use

Wet your cloth with warm water. Using a circular motion, gently wipe away your makeup. Warm water only, no cleanser needed.

Care: Before using Cleansing Cloth, pop it into the washing machine at 30° C.