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Up your cleansing game with this brush! This rechargeable cleansing brush helps deep clean your skin daily to help soften your skin, help clear unwanted breakouts and help control problematic excess oils. Featuring a three-zone auto-off timer, the brush lets you know when to focus on a new part of your face and turns off when you're done. Compact and travel friendly - take this handy cleansing brush anywhere!

Cleansing Brush Includes

  • Cleansing Brush with Cap
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Instruction Manual

Cleansing Brush Benefits

  • Reduce the appearance of rough, dry skin
  • Reduce dirt and grime present in pores
  • Reduce the appearance of dull skin
  • Improve skin radiance
  • VIBRA-SONIC Technology - Over 300 sonic vibrations a second to wobble dirt out of pores, in a way that hands can only dream of doing
  • The gentle exfoliation will clean out pores and gently buff the skin's surface for cleaner, softer and beautiful looking skin in just 7 days
  • USB rechargeable
  • Suitable for use in the bath and shower
  • Biomaster is demonstrated to inhibit the growth of microbes and bacteria on the brush head by up to 99.99%
  • Power source voltage: Nickel metal hydride 600 mAh 1.44 watts 2.4 volts
  • Made in China

Please see the Usage tab for how to use information.

How To Use

1) Fully charge device for 12 hours - to charge your brush, pull away the small rubber cover and connect the USB charger to the device. Connect the charger into a USB port; you will see a RED light flashing as the brush charges. When it is completely charged the light with go from flashing RED to solid WHITE.

2) To insert the brush head, just press it onto the handle until you hear it click into place. To remove, just pull directly off the brush - Voila!

3) If you use makeup, remove it first and rinse your face with warm water. Once you've removed your makeup, you can apply your regular cleanser on to the brush or directly onto your skin.

4) Wet the brush and press the ON button once.

5) Don't scrub - let the vibrations do all the work! Glide the brush gently over your skin in small slow circles. After each 20 seconds, the brush will buzz. This is to make sure you know to move on the next area (T-zone, cheeks and chin and then neck). After one minute, the brush will turn off and you're done.

6) Now apply your usual creams and potions - and watch them just sink in.

7) Don't forget to dry your brush head, ideally leave it on its side so water can drip off.


Plastic outer mold. metal inner parts for motor.