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The Lawn Darts Outdoor Game by Hey! Play! is the safe and fun way for the entire family to play a riveting game of darts outside. The colorful darts are fun and easy to throw and are safe because they don't have pointed tips. The whole family can play them at in the backyard, at the park, beach or just about anywhere, and they can be easily transported in the carrying bag.

The whole family can play this fun, engaging outdoor lawn game which helps everyone stay active, together and enjoying the outdoors. Adults and children older than 8 years old can enjoy this game. All you need to do is aim your dart for the bullseye and go! This is a classic game for the backyard or beach or park, and will create lasting memories. With the convenient carrying case, the game can easily be played anywhere.


  • 18" x 18" x 1/4"
  • 1 lb

Made in China