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The AirPods wireless Bluetooth earphones from Apple use optical sensors and a motion accelerometer to detect when they're in your ears. In less sciency words - they can feel stuff and know where they are. They instantly turn on and connect to your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac computer and can be used to listen to music, answer calls or talk to Siri on your device.

And better yet, they are completely wireless. No cords whatsoever. Well, unless you connect the included silicon neck strap. This cool and stylish cord allows you to hang your AirPods around your neck when you need to pop them out in a pinch. The charging case charges your AirPods in a super simple way. But, is there a way to charge your charging dock in an easy way? Sure is! The included charging case charging dock allows your to just pop the case in and go. You'll always know where your Pods are charging.

Hey, Siri

You can ask Siri to make a phone call, give you directions, or find out if it's going to rain tonight - all with a simple tap of the AirPod.

Easy, Peasy

After a simple one-tap setup with an iPhone, AirPods are automatically on and always connected. Using them is just as easy. They can sense when they're in your ears and pause when you take them out.

Compact to the Max

Take your AirPods with you anywhere you go. Small enough to fit in your pocket so you always have them with you.

Can You Hear Me?

Rich, high-quality audio and voice means you can enjoy talking to your friends and family or just listening to your favorite music without worrying about the quality of the sound coming through.

Apple AirPods Details

  • Up to five-hour batter life
  • Recharging for only 15 minutes provides a batter life up to three hours
  • Made in China.

What's Included

  • Apple AirPods
  • Charging case
  • Lightning cable
  • Charging dock
  • Silicon neck cord


  • Charging case: 2"L x 1-3/4"W x 3/4"H
  • Charging dock: 2-1/2"L x 3"W x 2"H
  • Neck cord: 21"L

Please Note: iPhone, iPad, or iPod with iOS 10.2 or later. iPhone for easiest initial setup. Mac with macOS Sierra or later.

Apple AirPods warranty:

  • One-year limited warranty provided by Apple. For support, please call: 1-800-676-2775.

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