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Use the power of science to make cleaning easier with Stainz-R-Out! To tackle tough cleaning problems you need tough cleaning products. Stainz-R-Out is a line of products developed to tackle tough cleaning problems. Its concentrated formula breaks down stains and handles tough cleaning problems on counters, tile, carpet, fabric, concrete and more.

No need to have different products for different surfaces. Now one product can remove almost all stubborn stains from counters, tile, carpet, fabric, concrete and more. Use it as a full strength concentrate for tough or set in stains. Or dilute it for water based stains. Use it with your regular detergent as a laundry booster. Works on water- and oil-based stains. Removes lipstick, ink, enamel spray paint, oil, tar, permanent marker and more. Stainz, you are out! with Stainz-R-Out.

Stainz-R-Out Multi Purpose Stain Remover Essentials

  • Works on many different surfaces
  • Works on many different stains
  • Versatile - works on water and oil-based stains.
  • Use it in the kitchen, bathrooms, on floors or counters and more


  • Two 16 oz bottles

Please Note: Harmful if swallowed. Eye and skin irritant. See cautions on product label. For skin contact, wash thoroughly with soap and water.