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A quick an easy way to add on an extra level of security to your property! An add on to the Plug & Safe PS8, this little sensor and alarm device operates by detecting low-level, subsonic vibrations. Just plug in and if a nearby door or window is opened or smashed, the Plug & Safe Infrasonic Security Device will detect it and automatically sound a siren. That might be just enough to deter someone from going any further.

Plug & Safe Infrasonic Security Device Essentials

  • Noise level: Very loud (80db)
  • Controlled by the Plug & Safe PS8 (needed)
  • RX6 unit - emits a piercing tone when activated
  • Ear-splitting alarms can help send would be burglars off and running
  • Can be activated with delay entry


  • Siren
  • Instructions


  • 2"L x 2-1/2" x 2-1/4"
  • 0.14 lbs

Made in China

Warranty: One-year limited warranty provided by My Cool Gadgets. For warranty support, please call 1-888-877-0490

Please Note: Wooden floors that may flex could cause the device to activate when walking on them. Mobile homes or out buildings could have the same effect. However, the device can still be used when the building, etc is unoccupied. The device can be located almost anywhere indoors, but is probably best located in a central area. Typically, the scanner will detect the opening of, or the breaking of any window at the perimeter of the house as well as the opening of any door at the perimeter of the house. The opening of internal doors will also be detected when opening a door into a room where the unit is installed. However, the opening of doors to small rooms that are remote from the unit may not trigger it. Do not plug electrical devices into the device that may become dangerous if left unattended, such as heaters, electric heaters or television. Do not use with equipment that uses remote control. Maximum 500 watts. Indoor use only. Do not immerse in water.