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How many of you live in an apartment where the hot and cold faucet handles are reversed? Or maybe you'd just like to add some flare to your kitchen or bathroom and visually measure the temperature of your faucet water before touching it. Well, with this LED light, you can. Powered completely by the water running through the tap, the water changes from blue, to green, to red as the temperature rises.

Once installed, simply turn on the faucet. The light will turn blue if it is 87° Fahrenheit or below, green if it is between 87° Fahrenheit and 109°, and red if it is above 109° Fahrenheit.

LED Faucet Tap Essentials

  • Fits most standard faucets and replaces the faucet tap
  • LED lights up when faucet is turned on
  • Color changes as temperature rises and drops
  • Powered by the movement of the water - no external battery needed
  • Leak-resistant rubber gasket screen included


  • Two LED faucet taps (55/64 male)
  • Two external adapters (15/16 female)
  • Two screen gaskets
  • Instructions

Faucet Tap Measurements

  • 1-1/4"L x 1"W
  • Internal diameter of 55/64"
  • External thread diameter of 15/16" (if using adapter)

Please Note: Standard faucet with internal 15/16 diameter threading, or external 55/64 threading needed.

Made in China.