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BioCare Set of 2 Yellow Jacket, Wasp & Hornet Traps w/ 6 Replacement Lures

Can someone please tell us what the purpose of the wasp / hornet / yellow jacket is on this Earth? If they do serve a viable one to nature, our apologies. You can leave your comments calling out our wasp knowledge below. Either way, they are a pest and a possible painful (ouch!) one at that. In steps...errr buzzes BioCare to save the day. This set of two contraptions uses a combination of bait, sugar water and dish soap to trap those winged demons and rid your yard of them for good so you can enjoy the outdoors without worry.

Yellow Jacket / Wasp / Hornet Trap Essentials

  • Patented - made in the USA
  • BioCare's trap consistently lure and trapped more insects, outperforming other brands
  • Non-toxic, pesticide free
  • UV enhanced color to attract yellow jackets
  • Helps to catch yellow jackets, wasps and hornets


  • Two traps
  • Lures (6)
  • User directions

Please Note: Place trap away from food areas and out reach of children and pets. Not recommended for indoor use. Rinse the trap and reuse. Clean the trap and store in dry location when not in use. Do not place jar in dishwasher.

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