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How many times have you been out to eat and had fantastic (or bad) service and you struggle to figure out how much (or less) to tip your server? And if you're there will multiple couples, oh man. Good luck figuring that bill out! Well, you no longer have to worry about panicked math with the Tip 'n Split tip calculator. Let's be honest, most of us hated math in school and used our calculator for everything. Let the Tip 'n Split do the work for you. A built-in magnifier allows you to leave your reading glasses packed away. Read the bill clearly and shine a little light on it with the light bulb feature. Grab the Tip 'n Split today - your server will thank you.

Tip Calculator Essentials

  • Magnifies menu and bill
  • Backlit for dimly lit restaurants
  • Calculate tip by percentage
  • Split the bill between any number of diners
  • Convenient size

Warranty: One-year limited. Please call 1-301-775-2587.

Made in China.