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These unique Curly Hangers are specifically designed to hang slinky shirts and tank tops -- no more of your favorite shirts falling off the hanger or getting excessively wrinkled in your drawer! They're also great for organizing belts, scarves and other accessories that get easily tangled! Sold in a set of six, the Curly Hanger offers a stylish and practical way to maintain order in your closet.

Curly Hanger Details

  • Material: Nickel plated steel, coated aluminum
  • Measurements: 9"L x 7"H
  • Care: Wipe clean with damp cloth.
  • Country of Origin: China

About the Collection
Get ready to simplify life with an outstanding collection of problem solvers from lifestyle-enthusiast Lindsay Soko.

A master of both time and space, this mother of invention was born to find smart, sophisticated solutions designed to help you conquer clutter and make quick work of pesky tasks. Her collection includes everything from genius, over the door organizers to her MUST HAVE boot hangers, collapsible laundry baskets and 'didn't know you needed them, but totally need them' duvet cover clips and more.

So, whether you need to make more room in your rooms or just want to stop fussing with poorly designed products, Lindsay's innovative storage, organization and 'life-hack' solutions are sure to help you get up and go-go-go.

Lindsay Soko Solutions
Simplifying Life.

Lindsay SokoAbout the Guest
Faced with organizational and efficiency problems in her own life a few years back, Lindsay Soko looked, yet couldn't find solutions smart enough to handle her hectic world.

She founded Boottique with the mission to invent better ways to get people organized. More organized means more efficient, and more efficient means more effective!

This mother of inventions is a wife, mom and attorney. She understands the need to streamline and simplify. Most of Lindsay's products were invented out of necessity. She is a fundamental problem solver and an innate entrepreneur.