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Cobra 400W DC to AC Power Inverter w/ USB Port

Access the hidden power of your car! We're not talking about octane or cubic centimeters. We're talking about Watts and Volts and your car is full of them. Think of this Cobra power inverter as your charging translator - it takes DC power from your car and car battery and turns it into AC power - just like the stuff coming out of the walls at home - that you can use to power your mobile devices and even small household appliances.

For smaller operations less than 150W, simply plug it into the 12V AC accessory port of your car and charge your laptop through one of the two AC outlets and charge you USB powered phone. When you need more juice, up to 400W, connect the inverter directly to your car's battery and run a blender or a small TV while your phone charges. Get the most out of every minute with Cobra!

Power Inverter Essentials

  • Two Connection Options, Big Power - Inverter easily plugs into the 12V accessory port in your vehicle or clamps directly to your vehicle battery to provide usable power
  • Direct-to-Battery Clamp Connection: 400 Watts Continuous Power (800 Watts Peak) - Allows for powering/charging common mobile devices, laptops and small household appliances
  • 12V Accessory Port Connection: 150 Watts Continuous Power - Provides enough power to run and/or recharge common mobile electronic devices and laptop computers
  • 2.4 Amp USB Port - Quickly charge music players, phones, tablets and other USB devices from your car
  • Dual Three-Prong AC Outlets - Converts DC vehicle power to standard AC household power
  • Five-Level Protection Circuitry - Thermal Shutdown, Reverse Polarity Protection, Over-voltage Shutdown, Low Voltage Shutdown and Low Voltage Alarm

Tech Specs

  • Modified sine wave output waveform
  • 10.4 - 14.4 VDC Input Voltage Range - 109-120 VAC Range
  • 10.2 - 10.8 Volts - Low Voltage Alarm
  • 9.2 - 9.8 Volts - Low Voltage Cut-off
  • Do not use the 12V AC accessory cord for loads higher than 150 watts


2.4A USB (1), Three-Prong AC Outlet (2)

What's Included

  • Cobra 400W DC to AC Power Inverter
  • Car Charger Cable
  • Direct-to-Battery Cable
  • Instructions


  • 6-1/2"L x 5-1/4"W x 2-1/2"H
  • 1.16 lbs

Made in China

Warranty: Two-year limited warranty provided by Cobra. For warranty support, please call: 1-773-889-3087.

Please Note: Certain chargers for small nickel cadmium batteries can be damaged if connected to the Cobra 400 watt inverter. Some very sensitive electronic equipment may not operate satisfactorily on "square wave" or "modified sine wave." The output waveform is referred to as "square wave" or "modified sine wave." It is a stepped waveform designed to have characteristics similar to the sine wave shape of utility power. A waveform of this nature is suitable for most AC loads (including linear and switching power suppliers used in electronic equipment, transformers and motors). Make sure to check your device's user manual before use with this product. If the inverter is to be used at levels above 150 watts for extended periods of time, a direct connection to the battery is recommended. Do not use the cigarette cord for loads higher than 150 watts.

California residents only: “Proposition 65” WARNING

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Model Number
Model Number CPI490