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300TC 100% Cotton Inspirational Print 4-Piece Sheet Set

Fun, motivational words printed on sheets helps create an uplifting bedroom. It's not something you'd expect, right? But why not add inspirational words onto the space you see every night? Add any duvet or comforter on top of this 100% cotton sheet set and revel in your newly found inspiring bedding.

Please see the Measurements tab for dimensions.

Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Use non-chlorine bleach only. Tumble dry low. Made from 100% cotton.

Made in India.

UPC Twin Taupe: 655385185301
UPC Twin Pink: 655385185325
UPC Twin Grey: 655385185295
UPC Twin Aqua: 655385185318
UPC Twin XL Taupe: 655385185349
UPC Twin XL Pink: 655385185363
UPC Twin XL Grey: 655385185332
UPC Twin XL Aqua: 655385185356
UPC Full Taupe: 655385182799
UPC Full Pink: 655385182812
UPC Full Grey: 655385182782
UPC Full Aqua: 655385182805
UPC Queen Taupe: 655385182836
UPC Queen Pink: 655385182850
UPC Queen Grey: 655385182829
UPC Queen Aqua: 655385182843
UPC King Taupe: 655385182874 | Cal King Taupe: 655385182911
UPC King Pink: 655385182898 | Cal King Pink: 655385182935
UPC King Grey: 655385182867 | Cal King Grey: 655385182904
UPC King Aqua: 655385182881 | Cal King Aqua: 655385182928
Selecting your sheets is just as important as choosing a good mattress! When making your decision, it is essential to consider the fabric, fiber and thread count that will produce the comfort-level that's best for you.

Thread Count
Thread count is the number of yarns per square inch used when a fabric is woven. Higher thread counts create heavier, more durable weaves that generally feel smoother and softer. Lower thread counts can pill and feel rough, but are affordable and aptly serve their purposes. Common thread counts range from 180 to 1,200. A high thread count does not necessarily mean better quality, as it is important to consider other factors like fiber, finishing techniques, yarn size and ply.

Sheets can be made from many different fabrications. Various fibers and weaves are ultimately responsible for the particular performance characteristics of a sheet set.

Yarn Size
Yarn size refers to the thickness of the individual threads that make up a woven fabric. The higher the yarn size, the finer the thread. Quality sheets usually have a yarn size ranging from 40 to 100. Finer yarns can only be made from high-quality, long staple cottons such as Supima. Yarn size is important to thread count because finer yarns take up less space than thicker yarns, thus the highest thread count sheets are generally made from the finest yarns.

The other important component to thread count is ply. Single ply fabrics are made from individually woven threads of yarn, while two-ply fabrics are made from two threads of yarn that are first twisted together and then woven. Since two-ply fabrics have essentially double the thread count of their single ply counterparts, two-ply fabrics must be made from extremely fine yarns, otherwise the end product might feel too bulky and heavy

SureSoft® is a finish for bedding and helps give linens a silky, soothing texture. During the manufacturing process, each SureSoft® fabric is treated with a water-friendly solution which permeates the fibers. As the solution dries, it bonds to the fabric, creating a long-lasting softness wash after wash.

Make sure you have precisely measured your mattress for its length, width and height. Most mattresses are usually made in specific standard sizes, but there is the possibility of slight variances. A 15" fitted sheet pocket depth will accommodate a mattress up to 18" in height. Deep pockets will be required for Eurotop or pillow top mattresses.

Twin Size:
Flat sheet: 96"L x 66"W
Fitted sheet: 75"L x 39"W + 15"D
Pillowcases: 20"L x 30"W

Twin XL Size:
Flat sheet: 102"L x 66"W
Fitted sheet: 80"L x 39"W + 15"D
Pillowcases: 20"L x 30"W

Full Size:
Flat sheet: 96"L x 81"W
Fitted sheet: 75"L x 54"W + 15"D
Pillowcases: 20"L x 30"W

Queen Size:
Flat sheet: 102"L x 90"W
Fitted sheet: 80"L x 60"W + 15"D
Pillowcases: 20"L x 30"W

King Size:
Flat sheet: 108"L x 102"W
Fitted sheet: 80"L x 78"W + 15"D
Pillowcases: 20"L x 40"W

California King Size:
Flat sheet: 108"L x 102"W
Fitted sheet: 84"L x 72"W + 15"D
Pillowcases: 20"L x 40"W