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Ice-drip coffee is as easy as one, two, three! Especially now that you’ve got this cold brew coffee maker and tumbler set in your kitchen arsenal. Cold brew coffee offers superior flavor – Dutch or Japanese style slow-drip coffee extracts the coffee’s natural aromatic flavors without the added bitterness of oils and acids. Sounds delicious, right? Now, cold brew with another system could take up to 24 hours, which is a long time to wait for a good cup of coffee to get you going in the morning (or afternoon or evening, whatever your preference). With this, you’ll have your cold brew done between one and a half to two and a half hours. The simple and easy setup means cleaning is a snap when you’re done. No need to worry about buying any sort of specialty brand of coffee to use here, any of your favorites will do! Go on and get your coffee on!

  • One 3-in-1 Iced Coffee Maker
  • 100 Paper Filters
  • Make, serve, and store - all-in-one ice drip coffee maker
  • Superior flavor - Dutch or Japanese style slow drip coffee extracts the coffee's natural aromatic flavors without the bitter oils and acids
  • Simple and easy -setup and cleaning is a snap, works perfect with your favorite brand of coffee
  • Cold brew in less time - takes only 1.5 to 2.5 hours as compared to other systems that take up to 24 hours
  • Portable and lightweight - weighing in at only 1.2 pounds, the drip can make 10oz of coffee at home or on the go
  • BPA-free
Additional Information:
  • Material: Plastic
  • Warranty: Limited one-year vendor warranty.
  • Country of Origin: China

Please see the Dimensions & Care tab for important care information.

  • 3-in-1 Coffee Maker: 10-1/2"H x 3-1/2"W (0.95 lbs; 10 oz capacity)
  • Paper Filters: 1/4"H x 4"W (3 oz each)
  • Tumbler: 7-1/4"H x 3-1/2"W (0.64 lbs)
  • Care Instructions:
    • A couple of Dripo Tips for you; 1. Cold brew takes longer to brew than conventional hot coffee, however the Dripo can whip up a fresh cup of cold brew in just a few hours (not days like other systems).
    • 2. For best flavor, after placing your favorite coffee grounds into the coffee section, lightly wet them and then place a Dripo paper filter on top (this aids in water dispersion). Keep your Dripo dripping - if you find it's taking longer than 2 to 2.5 hours to complete the dripping cycle, follow these tips
    • 1. Using hot soapy water, scrub the dripping mechanism in the top water section with a stiff brush. Rinse thoroughly and you should be good to go.
    • 2. When assembling the Dripo, just lightly screw the top water section on to ensure adequate airflow. Sometimes if it is too tight, the pressure can impact functionality.