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An air fryer you’ll be eager to use again and again! RadiVection 360 combines radiant and convection cooking to crisp exteriors while moistening and tenderizing insides. It cooks your food up to 60% faster than conventional appliances. 11 versatile attachments are included, giving you the power to do more with Gourmia's FreeFry 360. Air fry, air saute, stir-fry, steam, roast, grill, boil, bake, use a rotisserie and make kabobs all with one appliance circulating hot air around food, crisping exteriors and locking moisture into interiors. Let calorie free cooking methods cook your food to tasty, flavorful perfection without added cooking oil/fat. It also functions as a grill, steamer, convection oven and rotisserie, and cooks food up to 60% faster than conventional cooking methods. It’s easy to use settings pad for programming desired time and temperature means less time fiddling and more time cooking. A nonstick interior and large capacity makes this a winner every time! Additional Information:
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 17-1/2"L x 13"W x 10-1/2"H
  • Warranty: Limited one-year vendor warranty. Please contact at 888-552-0033.
  • Country of Origin: China