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Our Arctic Sleep by Pure Rest Cool Gel Memory Foam Body Pillow allows your body to relax in natural, comfortable positions while helping to relieve pressure and reduce tension in your shoulders, hips and back as you slumber, lounge or simply laze about. Generously filled with small pieces of memory foam to provide the fluffy feel of a traditional down pillow plus all the benefits of memory foam, this 50" body pillow can help provide the ultimate lounging experience or simply help keep your body in the right position and posture in bed while you sleep.

It is also a comfortable and firm pillow for side sleepers. Due to the individual cool-gel memory foam cluster fill, our body pillow will help keep you cool and is also naturally ventilated allowing air-flow to make the pillow breathable and helps to prevent heat build-up. Memory foam is an extraordinary therapeutic pressure relieving material that gently molds to the shape of your body for superior support and cushioning.

This elongated full-body memory foam pillow is designed to be used in multiple positions offering just the right amount of support regardless whether you tuck it between your legs, lean up against it, or choose to sleep with it. Covered in a removable knit fabric blended with viscose rayon which is made from natural plant fibers is machine washable for easy care.

14" x 50" x 7-1/2"

Machine wash cold, tumble dry low. Foam: do not wash foam. Materials: Top: 100% viscose rayon. Bottom: 100% polyester. Inner cover: 100% Polyester knitted. Fill: 100% Polyurethane clusters.

Made in China.