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FlashFix Resin Refills ONLY. Pen sold separately.

Flashfix is an industry leading manufacturer in resin bonding materials. Flashix's resin compound has been used across many industrial applications when creating solid bonds on cracked surfaces. This is the first time Flashix bonding pens are being introduced into consumer homes for all their quick material fixes. The FlashFix quickly fixes items inside or outside the house - create a permanent bond onto most any type of material. Not a glue but a resin compound that cures to a permanent bond and a permanent repair. Fix almost any type of material - put the bond on most anything broken and will become permanent.FlashFix resin dries clear and is completely sandable and paintable - make and paint the bond like it was never there! The bond cures with UV light and is ideally better for areas that are exposed to the UV light. FlashFix is ideal for bonding clear, semi clear or translucent materials.

What's Included

  • FlashFix Pen Refill Cartriges (2)
  • Instruction Manual

Care Instructions/Precautionary Measures

  • Wear glasses with UV coating and rubber gloves when using the product
  • Avoid looking directly at the UV light as this can cause eye damage
  • Limit the use of the UV light for ten (10) seconds each use
  • Clean the residue with organic solvent or baby wipes
  • Avoid exposure of the tip to other liquids
  • Do not use near food and drinks

Quick Tips

The liquid cures once exposed to ultraviolet light and is not as effective when exposed to direct sunlight. For outdoor use, choose a shaded and well ventilated workplace. Don't expose the ultraviolet light with water and always cover the pen when not in use.

Bonding Time

FlashFix UV light can bond in five seconds. For larger area and application, allow longer exposure to UV light until the bond is complete.

UV Light

The UV light should be at least within a tenth of an inch near the material that should be bonded. Please be reminded that exposure to sunshine, clarity of the lens, thickness of the liquid, and different factors can greatly influence bonding time.

Bonding Thickness

Apply FlashFix in many layers to completely weld the items. Repeat application of the liquid and exposure to UV light as needed to ensure hold.

UV Bonding

The bond is ideally better for areas that are exposed to the UV light. This product is ideal in bonding clear, semi-clear or translucent materials. Liquid welder that is not exposed to the UV light will not have a strong hold, but will have a temporary cure that will last for 24 hours.


FlashFix may contain ingredients that can cause irritation on the eyes, skin and respiratory system. Please avoid direct contact with eyes and skin, do not smell the vapor, and keep away from children. In case of exposure to skin and eyes, please wash the part with clean running water and call the doctor immediately. For those who have induced the solvent, rinse your mouth with potable water and bring the person to the nearest clinic. Depending on the type of break, you may need to apply several different layers to achieve an ideal bond. The product is usually shipped with a stopper on the tip to avoid leakage, please remove this before initial use. Store in ideal room temperature for future use. Made in China.