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Shape & Store Burger Master Innovative 8-in-1 Burger Press & Freezer Container
Press and store - make meal prep easy and convenient! This innovative freezer container was invented by a busy mom who wanted to make homemade meal preparation more convenient than buying fast food when time was in short supply. Each Burger Master can press eight quarter pounder patties at once. Plus, its so easy to use - prepare your burger meat ahead of time, press and mold into shapes in the container itself and freeze. No removing, no plastic wrapping each burger patties individually and no last-minute run to the fast food joint when soccer is just about to start! Simply pop out the frozen patty from the container, grill or cook on stovetop and pronto! Dinner is served!

The efficient and flexible design of the container allows the meat to be neatly stored in the freezer and the frozen food is then easy to remove without the meat sticking to the sides. The containers help minimize freezer burn too. Plus, you can even use the container to store and freeze soups for future use. How cool is that!

  • One Burger Master in a sleeve. Packaging includes usage instructions. Instructions are also included on the product itself (molded into the plastic).

  • Separate compartments for each burger helps to prevent freezer burn and keep patties from sticking together
  • Each Burger Master holds eight 4 oz. portions - a great way to pre-plan your meals and save time
  • Container doubles as a cooler pack when filled with frozen food
  • Container is dishwasher safe, BPA and phthalate-free - easy to clean and safe for food storage
  • Holds approximately 2 lbs of ground meat, fish or vegetarian burger mix
  • Sleek design maximizes freezer space

Additional Information:
  • Dimensions: 11"L x 10-3/4"W x 1"H - 1.20 lbs
  • Material: Food safe TPE plastic
  • Care Instructions: Wash in warm soapy water before first use. Dishwasher safe.
  • Country of Origin: Canada

Please Note: Not for use on stovetop, grill, microwave or oven.