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Veho 360° Mode Retro Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

The wireless Mode speaker from Veho features a high quality retro design coupled with superior sound quality and allows you to stream your music wherever you are.

Connect your wireless Bluetooth device, such as your smartphone, tablet or MP3 player, and enjoy the Mode's 6-watts of high fidelity sound. The Mode's sleek retro design with brushed aluminum housing and leather carry handle radiate class, making it a perfect addition to any home - it's also a great size for portability, making it the perfect speaker to take with you on your travels. No Bluetooth compatible device? problem! The Veho Mode has a 3.5mm input to connect almost any musical device.

  • Connects with smartphones, tablets, MP3 players or most any other Bluetooth device
  • 1800mAh battery for up to 8-hours of playback time
  • Built-in microphone for making or taking hands free phone calls with automated music interrupt
  • Dual acoustic drivers couple with tow powerful speakers to give a wide audio spectrum

What's Included
  • Veho Mode Speaker (VSS012M6)
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 3.5mm Audio Cable
  • Quick Start Guide

  • 2"L x 7-1/2"W x 3-1/4"H
  • 1.22 lbs

Made in China

About Bluetooth
Bluetooth Technology allows for short distance wireless connections between host devices like tablets or smart phones, with compatible components such as keyboards, headphones and speakers.

Bluetooth Instructions
Ensure your host device and component are both enabled with Bluetooth technology. We recommend you reference included instruction manuals to determine which item’s Bluetooth technology to activate first and any other specific instructions, as the setup process may vary.

Turn on the Bluetooth functionality in your host device, usually found under Settings. Activate your component’s Bluetooth functionality, usually by a pushing button or moving a switch located on the item. In many cases, the host device’s Bluetooth settings screen will now show the name of the component (i.e. Keyboard, Speaker). Click on the component name. You can now use the host device and component together wirelessly!