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Your tablet needs a case. You know it. I know it. You don't spend that much money on an electronic device and then just hope everything turns out fine when you start carrying it around. You want to wrap it up, nurture it, protect it. Okay, maybe not exactly that, but you definitely want it defended against the common bumps and bangs associated with life on the go. And you also want to be able to use it. Easily.

Enter Orb Folio 360 by roocase - a tough, classy, effective way to keep your tablet safe and sound while you tackle the challenges of your day-to-day. The tablet secures to a rotating mount inside the folio that can be turned to display the screen at any point on a 360° radius, so you can use position it any way you like to get your work done. Open Orb Folio 360 a certain way and you've got yourself a stand, too, for typing or viewing or whatever. But here's where it gets really good.

You know that rotating mount? It can detach from the Orb Folio 360 with your tablet still securely placed. Why is that cool? Well, you also get the Orb Loop and the Orb Strap which work seamlessly with that free-wheeling mount. Orb Loop is a hard plastic handle that connects to the Folio 360 tablet mount and lets you carry, hang or stand up your tablet from or on any appropriate object you choose. Orb Strap is the same concept except it's a stretchy fabric with a hook and loop closure - think wrapping around a car head rest to watch videos on a long trip.

The Orb family here doesn't just protect your tablet, it enhances your mobile experience. It helps you get the best out of your mobile technology and use it for all it's worth.

  • Color - Black or Grey exterior
  • Size - 7" to 8.4" or 8.9" to 10"

The Essentials
  • Orb Folio 360 is a tough, classy, effective way to keep your tablet safe and sound while you tackle the challenges of your day-to-day
  • Orb Folio has 360° rotating landscape and portrait display and a slip-resistant stand surface with interior card slots
  • Detachable mount inside Orb Folio 360 works with included Orb Strap and Orb Loop to give you a variety of display and carrying options
  • Orb Loop features hook, stand and handle all in one to let you hang, display or carry your tablet with ease
  • Orb Strap provides the perfect base to wrap onto your vehicle's headrest for rear seat viewing of your connected tablet

What's Included
  • Orb Folio 360
  • Orb Loop
  • Orb Strap

  • Dimensions:
    Folio 360: 9-3/4"L x 7-3/4"W x 3/4"H
    Loop: 6-1/2"L x 3-1/2"W x 3/4"H
    Strap: 5"L x 7"W x 2"H
  • Weight:
    Folio 360: 0.98 lbs.
    Loop: 0.22 lbs.
    Strap: 0.24 lbs.

Made in China