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Wak! Disney's richest epic hero returns! In "The Wrath of Gigabeagle," the McDuck Money Bin meets a monster-sized Beagle Boy mech! Remarks offer original, hand drawn artwork from Dynamite artists. Gold remark by Ken Haeser in this edition. Ken Haeser is a comic book writer and artist who is the co-creator of "The Living Corpse".

Additional Information:
  • Author: Rodolfo Cimino (Story #1), Alberto Savini (Story #2), Romano Scarpa and Luca Boschi (Story #3)
  • Artist: Romano Scarpa (Story #1), Andrea Freccero (Story #2) and Romano Scarpa (Story #3)
  • Page Count: 48
  • Page Size: 10"L x 6-1/2"W
  • Binding: Staple
  • Publisher: IDW
  • Year Published: 2015
  • Rated: All Ages
  • Limited Edition: Yes. Numbered limited edition of 93 by Robert Campanella
  • Certificate of Authenticity: Yes
  • ISBN Number: 822714008395
  • Shipping: Padded Mailer
  • Country of Origin: USA

Please Note: Do not bend.