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Evine's very own Allison Waggoner brings to you her memories and skills as a chef and an author this holiday season! A nostalgic collection of recipes accumulated through the course of her life and career, "In the Kitchen" is filled with simple, delicious dishes for every day of the week. Allison loves sharing her shopping experiences with viewers and now brings you her first cookbook.

Growing up in the chocolate industry inspired a journey filled with delicious and innovative cuisine for Allison. As a classically trained chef, Allison began her career developing her family's gourmet chocolates, creating some of the finest award-winning confections in the world. Her culinary designs were featured in various prestigious retail magazines and she appeared on The Food Network to showcase her culinary skills.

Allison's culinary and marketing career brought her to the attention of television executives. She first appeared as a guest host, bringing her confections and family history to the home shopping industry. Now, Allison brings her love of food and favorite recipes to her first cookbook. Get your copy now and create your own memories with a little help from Allison!

  • Allison's cookbook features recipes for breakfast, brunch, dinner, desserts and drinks
  • Caramel pecan rolls, blueberry and cream cheese stuffed French toast, raspberry lemonade bars, ricotta stuffed meatballs - just a few of the easy recipes included in this delicious cookbook
  • A classically trained chef with a degree in culinary arts, Allison has been featured on The Food Network

Additional Information:
  • Dimensions: 9-1/2"L x 7-1/4"W x 3/4"H
  • Book Binding: Hardback; Dust Jacket with smooth, glossy finish
  • Page Count: 160 pages, full color, 78 recipes
  • Country of Origin: USA

In Her Own Words:
"When I gather with my family and friends to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations,and Sunday mornings with the crossword, we celebrate with food. In a fast-moving world, I try to stop for a moment each day and be thankful over a delicious meal. I grew up in a home where my mom's Sunday night dinner was a time I looked forward to all week. My mom is kind, driven, and inspiring. She is thankful for every moment with her children and grandchildren and that love always comes across in her cooking. In culinary school, I was lucky enough to have amazing mentors. They taught me to appreciate ingredients that sometimes would have been overlooked. I realized in my classes that the serenity one feels when doing something they love and appreciate could bring them peace."
"Today, I love going to the market, finding fresh fruits and vegetables, and coming home to cook for my family and friends. Finding tomatoes that are so ripe they are sweet. Smelling fresh breads, knowing the dedication and soul that went into the twelve-hour baking process. It is, for me, an unapologetic way of finding a balance in my hectic life. I am blessed that I get to share those experiences with my daughter, Jordon. She reminds me of the lessons my mother taught me. Be kind, give love and share laughter. Growing up, I learned that one person alone does not make a conversation, nor does a tomato make a sauce. So invite a friend."