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A traditional German design that is stunning in its detailing. A three-dimensional hand-carved stag sits on top of the clock with two owls perched alongside their nest. Wooden hand carved antlers, wooden hand-carved cuckoo bird, wooden dial with wooden numerals and hand-carved wooden hands complete the look.

This eight-day mechanical cuckoo clock features a cuckoo call at half and full hour along with gong strike. Solid linden wood is air dried for years before used by master carvers who turn the piece of wood into works of art. Oak leaves carvings decorate the case in dark antique-style walnut with a rustic finish and airbrushed for perfection.

The mechanical movement is driven by pine weights. The clock features a night shut-off system in case you don't want the little birdie to disturb your sleep. Hubert Herr clocks have a rich and long tradition of clock making since 1860. It is still a family run business in Triberg, Black Forest, Germany.

  • One Cuckoo Clock
  • One Pendulum
  • One Stag Top Piece
  • Two Weights

How to Use and Operate:
  • Clock comes fully wounded: Notice after a few hours, the pine cones have lowered and the rings of the chains have raised (Pine cone weights will not go down together)
  • To Set Correct Time: Slowly turn the minute hand (longer hand) forward or backward until correct time is shown; Do not touch the hour hand (small hand)
  • To Start the Clock: Gently push the pendulum to one side; Take care that the clock hangs absolutely straight by listening to the regular and evenly paced "tick-tock"
  • To Rewind: Simply pull the rings down until the pine cone comes up under the clock to their full wounded position
  • Cuckoo sound can be shut off: For this, slightly pull the wire underneath the case or the lever on the side of the case gently downwards. To reactivate the cuckoo sound, just push it up again

  • Materials: Hand-made, hand-crafted and hand-painted wood and base metal
  • Dimensions: 17"H x 9"W x 7"D
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Movement Type: Mechanical - weight driven
  • Assembly: Low level of assembly required, five minutes
  • Care: Light dusting with soft, dry cloth
  • Warranty: Movement of your clock is warranted for 90 days following the date of purchase. If the clock need service, please pack it well and send it postage paid with your exact address to the following clock service station: Messrs. Miller Clock Service, Inc., 1820 S. Koeller St., Oshkosh, WI-54902; Phone: 920-235-4750; Fax: 920-303-5530
  • Country of Origin: Germany