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The Roll 'n Clean litter box makes cleaning up after your cat easy and quick. Takes less than a minute to use. Never manually scoop litter again. Easy to assemble, with no liners, expensive filters, or electricity. Comes with a Paw Cleaning litter mat! Simply Roll the litter box to the right until the top touches the floor, then roll it back to the upright position. Inside a unique patented screen separates the clean litter from the clumped waste, putting all of the waste into the scoop. Pull out the scoop and dispose of the waste. It's that simple!

Litter Box Bottom
Litter Box Lid
Interior Screen

  • Easy to use.
  • No liners, filters or electricity.
  • Cleans in seconds.
  • Can be used in almost any space.
  • Screen separates waste from clean litter.
  • Scoop collects waste for easy disposal.
  • Slip-resistant grips on bottom.
  • Litter pan works best with clumping and silica litters.
  • Self-cleaning littler box.

How to Use:
1. Simply roll the litter box to the right and return.
2. Tilt slightly to the left to level clean litter.
3. Pull out the scoop.
4. Dispose the waste.

Overal dimensions: 17-1/2"L x 19"W x 16-3/4"H; weighs 4.5 lbs. Opening: 7.5"L x 7.5"W. Made from plastic. Low level assembly time (3 minutes).

Made in Canada.