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Cold Roller is a simple and effective cosmetic hand-held tool where the rolling head is filled with a proprietary gel. When the roller is chilled in the freezer, the proprietary gel helps retain the cold temperature and provide its cooling benefits to the skin during the length of its application. Cold Roller can be used daily to help revitalize, refresh and rejuvenate the skin.

Cold Roller Massager Benefits

  • Cold Roller helps fight the appearance of stress and fatigue around the eye area
  • Its application with cosmetic anti-aging products can help calm, cool and soothe the look of the skin
  • ISOMERS Cold Roller is a simple and easy-to-use cosmetic toll that makes your skincare routine more convenient and fun
  • Made in Canada

Please see the Usage tab for how to use information.

How To Use

Keep the device in the freezer at all times and enjoy the cooling and calm massaging effect on your eye contour area. Do not heat the device. Cleanse the roller with soap and water after use and dry thoroughly before placing in the freezer. Cold Roller can also be used daily to revitalize, refresh and rejuvenate the eye contour area. Use Cold Roller on your eyes when you feel fatigue where the cooler temperatures help refresh the revitalize the look of the eyes. Daily in the morning, roll five minutes on your eye contour every morning, Cold Roller helps to fight the appearance of puffy eyes under eye area and helps provide a gentle soothing sensation. Simply roll the Cold Roller gently on the entire eye contour area for five minutes after applying your anti aging eye serums.


ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), Stainless Steel, Water/Eau and Glycerine