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Pure Code Infuse Pro Vapor Flat Iron w/ Travel Bag

  • Black - All black with titanium plates
  • Gold - Gold-tone with black accents and titanium plates

Infuse Pro Vapor Flat Iron
Travel Bag
Heat Protector Serum Sample - 0.038 oz

A whole new say to see a flat iron. Traditional flat irons heat hair into submission, the Infuse Pro flat iron and heat protecting serum create shine and softness while protecting your hair from heat damage. It seals its nurturing ingredients into your hair, providing a barrier to heat damage while adding a luminous look whether straightening or curling. Easy to use, this flat iron offers professional grade features and significant hair benefits. Get the most out of your flat iron - and serum too.

Infuse Pro Vapor Flat Iron:
  • Titanium plates - powerhouse heat conductor
  • Six temperature controls range 300-450 degrees
  • Two-hour auto shut off when not in use
  • 10ft, 360 degree rotating swirl power cord
  • Heats within 30 seconds, full heat two minutes
  • Power source/battery type: ALCI protection plug 110-240V
Heat Protector Serum:
  • Protects from heat
  • Provides a beautiful smooth radiant shine
  • Offers an exclusive blend of protection
  • Scent: Rainforest mist - a lush blend of wild orchids and rain lilies with dewy undertones of jungle vine, kaffir lime and jacaranda wood
  • Liquid consistency
  • Mini bottle with twist-off cap with smaller twist-off pointed squirt tip
Travel Bag:
  • Flat iron stores neatly in bag
  • Metallic gold-tone travel bag with zip top closure, gold-tone hardware, black lining
  • 14"L x 3"W x 3"H

Please note: Be sure to only use Pure Code Serums with the Infuse Pro Vapor Flat Iron, as other oils can clog the iron.

Made in China; Serum made in the USA

Please see the Usage & Ingredients tab for how to use and ingredient information.

Infuse Pro Vapor Flat Iron:
The Infuse Pro Flat Iron should be used in conjunction with Pure Code Serums or water, and with no other products.
1. Before plugging appliance into an electrical outlet remove the argan serum/water dank from the Infuse Pro Flat Iron.
2. To remove the tank, slide the tank-lock switch toward the "UNLOCK" symbol This will pop the tank loose from the Infuse Pro Flat Iron.
3. Turn the tank over and peel back the rubber cap at the bottom of the tank to open and fill it.
4. Insert the serum opening into the tank opening and squeeze the liquid slowly into the tank.
5. After filling, reseal the rubber cap on the bottom of the tank and reinsert the tank back onto the Infuse Pro Flat Iron (the end closest to the styling-plates first).
6. Secure the tank into place at the LOCK-SWITCH end to complete installation.
7. To activate and regulate the amount of infusion, use the infusion trigger, which is located on the bottom of the iron. Setting 1 is for water, setting 2 is for argan serum.
8. Plug the Infuse Pro Flat Iron into any 110/240V electrical outlet and press the ON/OFF button.
9. The red power indicator light will illuminate to indicate that the Infuse Pro Flat Iron is heating up.
10. Use the temperature control buttons -/+ to set the desired temperature, allow it to heat up approximately 30-60 seconds. While the Infuse Pro Flat Iron heats, a green light will flash, when this settles at the desired temperature, it is ready for use.
11: Brush and separate the hair into sections about two inches wide and place the section between the plates as close to the scalp without touching it. DON'T TOUCH THE SCALP WITH THE PLATES.
12. With the section of hair in between, hold the plates firmly closed and slide the iron down and off the section of hair. DO NOT HOLD THE HAIR BETWEEN THE CLAMPING PLATES FOR MORE THAN 2-5 SECONDS (depending on hair thickness).
13. After one section is straightened. Move to another section.
14. Upon completion, press the ON/OFF button until the light goes out, unplug the cord and allow the unit to cool down completely before storing.
*Operation Infuse Pro Flat iron without infusion: Follow steps 8-14

WARNING: Upon switching off after a styling session, the heater plates are still very hot; do not touch the plates while the Infuse Pro Flat Iron is cooling.

1. Before cleaning your Infuse Pro flat iron, always unplug the appliance from the power source and allow it to completely cool down.
2. If your Infuse Pro flat iron does not have product build up, wipe the appliance down using a damp, soft cloth.
3. DO NOT use harsh detergents, abrasives, solvents, or chemical cleaners if you start to get product build up.
4. Never immerse the appliance in water to clean.
5. For Infuse Pro flat irons with product build up, use only flat iron formulated cleaners. These non-toxic cleaners quickly and safely remove build up from most styling products.

Heat Protector Serum:
Add serum to fill tank on flat iron. Fills tank once.

Infuse Pro Vapor Flat Iron: Titanium Plates.

Heat Protector Serum: Water (aqua), Argan oil, (Argania Spinosa), TEA, Glycolic Acid, Glycerin, PEG-12-Dimethicone, Kernel oil, Fragrance (parfum), Liminone, Centrimonium Choride, Polysobate 80, Phenoxyethanol, Caprlyl Glycol, Potassium Sorbate, Hexylene Glycol.

Travel Bag: Vinyl & Polyester.

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