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Blo & Go Hair Drying & Styling Tool
Instruction Manual

Anyone who wants to save time and money while creating a salon-like, professional blow out right at home!

  • Give yourself the most beautiful blow out in the comfort of your own home and without that expensive salon price.
  • Help blow dry and style your hair faster and easier. Everyone can use an extra pairs of hands, you'll be blown away by the results!

Made in China.

Please see the Usage tab for how to use information.

Please Note: To reduce the risk of serious injury, read all instructions and warnings completely before using this product. Blo & Go should NOT be attached to walls, drywall, painted surfaces or any other porous surfaces as the Blo & Go is not designed to stick to them and may result in damage.

Step 1: Place your Blo & Go by Skinn on a flat, dry surface with the suction lever in the up position.
Step 2: While using one hand to firmly hold your Blo & Go by Skinn against the flat, dry surface, place your other hand on the suction lever.
Step 3: Press down on the suction lever to activate the pressure-grip lock system.
Step 4: Place the cord of your blow dryer all the way through the opening of the holder at the top of your Blo & Go by Skinn.
Step 5: Place the arm of your blow dryer within the holder at the top of your Blo & Go by Skinn.
Step 6: Hold the arm of your blow dryer with one hand and use the other hand to wrap the bungee cord around the top of your blow dryer.
Step 7: Place the bungee cord within the hook provided on the side of the holder.
Step 8: Style your hair - BLO AND GO!