Sultra Gold Wicked Styling Iron w/ Heat Guard, Clips & Gold-tone Clutch

Limited Edition Wicked Baroque Wave & Straight 1" Iron
Iron pad
Sectioning Clips (4 pack)
Heat Guard - 5.1oz
Gold-tone clutch

Limited Edition Wicked Baroque Wave & Straight 1" Iron:

  • Exclusive, highest quality Japanese Kyocera® Ceramic Heater Technology (featuring durable and longer lasting heater) provides constant, even heat for the ultimate in long-lasting styles.
  • Very fast heat recovery time, which means your Sultra iron is always ready when you are.
  • Universal Voltage.
  • The iron's heater will shut itself down after several minutes of non-use. To re-energize the heater, just slide the switch to the "OFF" position and then back to the "ON position.

Heat Guard™:

  • ThermaStress Complex Hair Keratin Protein - reconditioning the hair helps address future cuticle damage
  • ThermaStress Complex Cystine - smoothes the hair shaft with moisture
  • ThermaStress Complex MiruStyle X-HP - creates a protective barrier around the hair, reinforcing damaged hair and providing advanced heat protection
  • Special formula binds moisture to the hair, restoring hair's moisture balance (which is critical for color treated, dry or damaged hair)
    Limited Edition Wicked Baroque Wave & Straight 1" Iron:

    • Part your hair into four sections from front to back and ear to ear.
    • Beginning with the lower back section, take a 1" horizontal section of hair. Positioning the iron at the root with the "S" on the iron facing up. Gently clamp iron around hair.
    • Bring the iron back to the original level position and then rotate upward a FULL 360 degrees. Glide the iron slowly down the hair again another half-inch. Repeat this rocking and rolling motion all the way down to the end. Continue on to next sections until the look is complete.
    • TIP: Remember to close the iron so the plates just touch, but do not squeeze the plates together.

    Heat Guard™
    Apply to clean, damp hair before blow drying. Apply to clean, dry hair before using a styling iron.

    Made in China.

    Please view the above Ingredients tab for ingredient information.

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