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Skinn Cosmetics Foundation & Professional Angled Powder Brush Duo
Fusion Illusion Foundation Brush
Professional Angled Powder & Blush Brush

Streaking, blotchy, uneven makeup is not the look we are going for this season. Pick up this fabulous brush set so that all of your makeup can go on smooth and flawlessly.

Fusion Illusion Foundation Brush:
  • Designed to be used with Plasma Fusion Serum Foundation to create a flawless, soft-focus finish.
  • The dome shape allows you to create a smooth and perfect application every time - helping to buff to perfection.

Professional Angled Powder & Blush Brush:
  • Designed with the perfect angle and shape, Skinn's Professional Contour Brush takes the hassle out of contouring or blushing your cheeks as well as entire face.

Fushion Illusion Foundation Brush:
Dot foundation starting at center of face and buff and blend downward outward until desired coverage is achieved.

Professional Angled Powder & Blush Brush:
Dip brush into powder, shake off excess and apply where needed.

Made in China.

Fusion Illusion Foundation Brush: Synthetic fibers.

Professional Angled Powder & Blush Brush: Goat hair.

About the Collection
During his 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, Dimitri James was disappointed to learn that very little of the money cosmetics companies spend goes into product development and perfection. Instead, the money is spent on ad campaigns, department store counter space, Park Avenue offices and fancy packaging. Frustrated by his findings, Dimitri was inspired to start changing the beauty industry for the better, launching Skinn Cosmetics in 2002.

Dimitri’s focus was to create a collection of quality products that helps consumers avoid big-cost items with no results. Skinn Cosmetics has long since established itself as a revolutionary leader in skin care and cosmetics, offering treatments and color products loaded with anti-aging properties that meet the highest professional and esthetician standards. Each day, new women are discovering the line's amazing results and joining the ranks of Skinn enthusiasts across the nation.

Skinn products are not tested on animals.

Dmitri JamesAbout the Guest
Founder and CEO of Skinn Cosmetics, Dimitri James has been a Hollywood makeup artist, aesthetician and cosmetologist for 25 years. He’s worked for some of the biggest names in beauty, and has manufactured and sold his own cosmetics for 14 years. Each product is a result of Dimitri’s experience and knowledge, and is produced in his own factory for superior quality every step of the way.

Since its founding, Skinn has been dedicated to offering the best color and skin care products available. The line features cutting-edge and anti-aging properties that are free of the unnecessary fillers found in many large cosmetic brands.

“I love creating state-of-the-art products and offering them to my customers at a reasonable price, so that every woman who wants to can look her best.” -Dimitri James

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