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HairDiamond Set of Three 9" 100% Remy Clip-in Ombre Hair Extensions

Moca Latte - caramel fades to a sandy blonde
Midnight/Sun - dark fades to a golden brown
Ginger/Gold - ginger red fades to a golden blonde
Fire/Salsa - dark auburn fades to a light auburn

Stylish, on-trend ombre extensions in an instant!

  • Three piece extension for the overall ombre effect
  • Made with 100% Remy human hair
  • Care for it the same way as you would your own hair
  • Instant - Apply in seconds!
  • NON-DAMAGING - no gluing, no bonding, no weaving, no metal tubes. Will not damage your own hair.

Starting with your thumbs an inch above each ear, bring them together at back of your head in the middle. Separate hair by pulling gathered hair up and clip on top. Open all micro clips, and begin to clip in, just below the separation line. With all the micro clips firmly set, release the hair on top and let it down over Ombre extension. Blend hair together gently by hand to finish.

Washing & Drying: Be sure to remove extension prior to washing. Care for your extensions as you would your own hair by using quality shampoo and conditioner. The extensions should not be washed daily, just when needed. If it becomes dry, use high quality nutritional oil for hair. After you wash, you may restyle your extensions using high quality straighteners, curling irons, or brush and blow dryer.
Styling: The extensions utilizes special coated micro-clips and silicone strip to ensure No Damage wearability. It provides volume, remaining lightweight and extremely comfortable. The extensions can be styled while you wear it, or by holding it. It can be curled and straightened just like your own hair, and if you use hair spray be sure to use nutritional oil after you wash it. If you would like a layered look or shorter style with your extensions, we recommend your consult your stylist to achieve the look you desire.

Hand-finished in China. Hair is from India.

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