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You've got the activity tracking, the convenient push notifications from your iPhone and, of course, that lovely touchscreen, but something important is missing from your Apple Watch...your one-of-a-kind, sparkling style! Well, this glamorous Skyblu by Victoria Wieck metal Apple Watch case is just what you need.

First choose the color then simply slide it over your Apple Watch to add a touch of your singular fashion aesthetic to that cutting-edge modern wearable. Swarovski zirconias or black spinels in a range of sizes bubble up around the bezel adding a refreshing shimmer to the look of your Apple Watch!

Apple Watch Case Choices

  • White / Silver-tone - Silver plated case with round 1.75-3.00mm Swarovski zirconias
  • White / Rose-tone - 18K rose gold plated case with round 1.75-3.00mm Swarovski zirconias
  • White / Gold-tone - 18K yellow gold plated case with round 1.75-3.00mm Swarovski zirconias
  • Black / Black-tone - Gunmetal IP plated case with round 1.75-3.00mm black spinels

Apple Watch Case Details

  • For Use with Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 3 Only
  • Plated Bronze Case
  • 38mm Case: 2.70ctw Black Spinel or 2.67 DEW Swarovski Zirconia
  • 42mm Case: 3.94ctw Black Spinel or 3.84 DEW Swarovski Zirconia
  • All Stones Have a Prong/Partial Bezel Setting
  • Apple Watch NOT Included
  • Made in China

What's Included

  • Skyblu by Victoria Wieck Apple Watch Case


  • 38mm Case: 41mm L x 35mm W; 0.47 oz.
  • 42mm Case: 46mm L x 43mm W; 0.48 oz.

All weights pertaining to gemstones, including diamonds, are minimum weights. Additionally, please note that many gemstones are treated to enhance their beauty. View Gemstone Enhancements and Special Care Requirements for important information.

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The great imposter of gemstone history, many famous rubies have been found to actually be spinels. Perhaps the most famous of which is the Black Prince’s Ruby. Once worn by Henry V on his battle helmet, this 170.00ct red spinel is now set in the British Imperial State Crown. Another famous misidentification is the Timur Ruby, a 352.00ct red spinel now owned by Queen Elizabeth. This particular stone is engraved with the names of the Mughal emperors who previously owned it.

History is unclear whether these mistaken identities were merely accidents or clever substitutions of rubies for the less valuable spinels by dishonest jewelers. In Burma, spinel was recognized as a separate gem species in 1587, but the masquerade lasted for hundreds of years after that in most other countries.

Spinel carries a considerable amount of worth not only based on its history, but due to its brilliance and wide range of spectacular colors. When interpreted by the Greek, the word “spinel” means “spark” in reference to its beautiful sparkle. While a rich red is the most common color, spinel can be found in shades of pink, purple, green, brown or black. An exceptional color from Burma is a vivid hot pink with an orange undertone. Spinel can also come in a beautiful blue hue, sometimes called cobalt spinel, but this color is quite rare.

The main obstacle holding back greater recognition for spinel is rarity. Fine spinels are now more rare than the rubies they used to imitate. Strangely, however, they are also more affordable, since too rare can be a drawback because such few people have the opportunity to grow to love them. The most beautiful colors of the stone are mined in Myanmar (formerly Burma), but spinels are also found in Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Russia. They have a hardness of 7.5-8.0 on the Mohs Scale and are traditionally given as a 22nd wedding anniversary gift.

Swarovski Zirconia is the first zirconia in history to adhere to the comprehensive set of standards for grading diamond cut quality of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the world’s foremost authority on diamond grading. The unmatched brilliance of Swarovski Zirconia makes it the finest and most diamond-like zirconia available today. Perfectly saturated colors and sophisticated cuts, which were inspired by the most famous fancy diamonds and stem from Swarovski’s history of more than a hundred years of precision-cutting expertise, place Swarovski Zirconia in a class of its own.

Every single Swarovski Zirconia is marked with a microscopic “Swarovski Zirconia” laser engraving that is completely invisible to the naked eye. This quality seal, as well as the use of the exclusive Zirconia from Swarovski® tag, serves as your assurance that you are acquiring a product set with zirconia of the highest precision and brilliance cut by Swarovski.