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Pharmedoc Foam & Mesh Coccyx Cushion

Make sitting down more comfortable with the Pharmedoc Coccyx Cushion! Whether you're in the car or at your desk, the contoured design of the Coccyx Cushion will help evenly distribute your wright and raise you up a little in your chair. The cover easily unzips and can be removed for cleaning.

Coccyx Cushion Features

  • Contoured Design - Inventive shape, form, and composition specifically designed to help provide comfort at crucial pressure points.
  • Zippered, Washable Cover – Helps provide comfort while remaining firm and shapely. Unzip and machine wash with next to no effort.
  • Strategic Rear Cutout – Helps to distribute body weight evenly and efficiently.
  • Versatile Size and Shape - Boosts height to help with ergonomic positioning and typing posture at your home or office desk. Fits virtually any seat to provide immediate comfort - office chairs, benches, car seats, wheelchairs and more.

Coccyx Cushion Features

  • Materials: Foam and mesh material
  • Assembly: Low level of assembly
  • Country of Origin: China
Model Number
Model Number PMD-OSC

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