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These Insta Hooks are insta helpful as they can adhere to many flat, dry, non-porous surfaces. Glass, mirror, metal and tile work best. Of course the surface should be free of oils or greasy residue. Decorate and organize with the Insta Hooks - use in the kitchen, bathroom, garage.  They are reusable with no drilling required.

What's Included

  • 12 Small Hooks (weight capacity - 4 lbs each)
  • 12 Large Hooks (weight capacity - 7 lbs each)
  • Instructions


  • Small Hooks: 2-11/16"L
  • Large Hooks: 3-3/4"L

Made in China

Please Note: DO NOT use on wallpaper, dry wall, wood or painted surfaces. Do not apply the Insta Hook on the ceiling. Do not apply to (or near) hot surfaces above 140°F (example on surfaces right above stove top or windows that get direct sun exposure). Make sure to thoroughly clean the surface prior to application. Use rubbing alcohol to clean the surface to remove any oils, grease or any other residue. Make sure to cover enough area according to the size of the Insta Hook. Let air dry. Clean the Insta Hooks with mild soap and running water. Do not use any abrasive cleaning agents and or sponges when cleaning the back of the Insta Hook, as it may damage the adhesive surface. Let air dry, do not wipe it with cloth or paper towel.