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Tommie Copper Pair of Core Copper-Infused Compression Knee Sleeves

Tommie Copper was founded in 2010 with the simple goal of helping people live comfortable, healthy, happy lives. They call it "wearable wellness." These compression knee sleeves are designed for everyday comfort and wear, improving muscle recovery, support and circulation to help reduce and relieve minor aches and pains. Tommie Copper strives to influence consumer choice about how to feel better, by choosing their products at work, sport or play. Now, available in three color combinations so you can feel good and look good.

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Knee Sleeve Essentials

  • Wear the core compression knee sleeve to the gym or for all day support on the job
  • Offers targeted compression and support where you need it most
  • Designed in Tommie Copper's proprietary light weight, 4D stretch and Copper Znergy fabric
  • The contoured construction conforms to the curvature of the knee
  • The light, low-profile design fits comfortably under your workout or dress clothes and features odor resistant and moisture wicking capabilities
  • Tommie Copper's Copper Znergy fabric brings support and recovery to one of the most regularly used joints in the body with targeted compression at the knee
  • The soft, non-slip elastic at the top and bottom of the sleeve is so comfortable, you won't even know you're wearing it

Material Contents: 86% polyester 14% Lycra Spandex

Care Instructions: Machine washable. Wash in cold water with like colors. Do NOT use bleach or fabric softener. Tommie Copper sleeves, socks, tops, and bottoms are dryer safe. Tumble dry on a gentle setting and do NOT use dryer sheets. Product specific washing instructions are also located on the garments' tag, collar, or packaging.

Made in the Dominican Republic.

About the Collection
Tommie Copper® was founded in 2010 with the simple goal of helping people live comfortable, healthy, happy lives. They call it 'Wearable Wellness.' Their compression apparel, sleeves, socks, and orthotics are designed for everyday comfort and wear, providing muscle recovery, support, improved circulation to help reduce pain and swelling.

All of Tommie Copper's comfortable compression products are made with their patent-pending Copper Znergy® technology. 100% copper and zinc encapsulated 4D stretch fabric conforms to your body, wicks away moisture, regulates body temperature and offers natural and permanent anti-odor technology by inhibiting the growth of odor causing microbes. The UPF 50+ provides protection from the sun's harmful UV rays for advanced skin health benefits.

Wear your Wellness with Tommie Copper - improving your life at work, sport or play.

Heather ThomsonAbout the Guest
A celebrated fashion designer, philanthropist, reality star, athlete, entrepreneur, health & wellness coach - Heather Thomson does it all, including being a mom.

Heather's goal to shed excess baby weight after two pregnancies was the spark that got her to start her own business. "I thought, at age 46, all of the aches and pains are something you just have to live with - but you don't have to!" A fan of Tommie Copper's support, pain relief and injury recovery benefits for years, she relied on the brand heavily this past year she wore it to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Since then, Heather has joined the company as an ambassador and passionate consultant of the brand to help share her experience with the world renowned and original copper-infused apparel and products of Tommie Copper.