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Comforting in more ways than one, you'll love sleeping with the Dream Angel pillow – and you're getting two! Each pillow features an impermeable cover so that debris cannot pass through the fabric, and it's water-resistant too! You'll see that non-sew seams appear around the edges, instead using heat sealed seams which means that air and debris can't break through when there are no holes created from sewing needles.

The fabric pore diameter is less than 10 microns – that means it provides a barrier against dust and allergens. The barrier technology helps block germs, allergens and mold from infiltrating your pillow – your regular pillow won't do that! Nothing gross is getting in here. And it's easy to clean, no need to wash simply wipe clean when necessary. You'll find a peaceful night's sleep is easy to come by with the comfortable, soft design of this set of pillows.

28"L x 20"W x 9"H

Spot clean only. Made from 100% polyester shell and filling.

Made in China.

PLEASE NOTE: We make every effort to ensure colors are represented accurately online. Due to possible variances in manufacturer dye lots, however, colors may vary slightly from what is depicted. Also, due to the printing process of the pattern, slight imperfections in the pattern may exist.