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From Micargi, the Baby Blue Jetta Beach Women's Cruiser Bike features a 20" hi-ten cruiser steel frame with Sprocket 18T freewheel. Coaster brakes make stopping and starting a breeze.

Weight Limit: 300 pounds

**Important: Consult instructions for assembly. Screw driver and wrench for assembly not included. Follow all bicycle laws and always wear a helmet.

30-day manufacture warranty / 626-279-6298

Made in China.

A bicycle is a great addition to any recreation or fitness routine! Not only is bicycling a fun mode of transportation, but it's a great way to increase your heart rate without jarring your joints and bones. When cycling, you use a surprising variety of muscles, including those in the calves, thighs, shoulders, forearms, and abdomen. The resistance required when pedaling affects all of these points, which makes cycling a smart choice in terms of fitness.

What Type of Bicycle is for You?
Bicycles are available in a large variety of options: utility, mountain, racing, touring, hybrid and BMX. Knowing about each type will help you to choose the one that will fit your particular needs.

Utility Bicycles
A utility bicycle is designed for practical transportation and is usually used for short-distance commuting, running errands, or transporting goods or merchandise. Also referred to as "city bikes", utility bicycles are one of the most popular types in the world and have wide usage in developing countries.

Utility bicycles often feature a step-through frame so they can be easily mounted. They have a single speed, or internal hub gearing, which reduces the need for maintenance. You'll also usually find mudguards to keep the rider's clothing clean, a chain guard to prevent clothes from being caught in the chain, a skirt guard to prevent a long skirt from catching in the rear brakes, a center kickstand so it can be easily parked, and a basket or rack for transporting small items.

Mountain Bicycles
A mountain bike, or all-terrain bicycle, is a type of sport bike made for off-road cycling. This activity includes traveling over rocks and washouts, down steep declines, and on un-paved dirt trails. The wheels of mountain bikes use wider, knobby tires for good traction and shock absorption. Front wheel suspension has become the norm and full front and rear suspension is becoming increasingly common. Some mountain bikes are fitted with bar ends on the handlebars to give extra leverage for climbing steep hills.

Mountain biking (and therefore bicycles) can be separated into many sub-categories, usually defined by a specific terrain and usage. Types include cross-country, trail, enduro or all-mountain, downhill, freeride, single-speed, mountain-cross or 4-cross racing, dual slalom, and more.

Racing Bicycles
The racing bicycle is designed for the sport of competitive road cycling. Because of its purpose, this type of bike usually sacrifices comfort for speed. The drop handlebars are set in a position lower than the saddle, providing an aerodynamic posture for the rider. The front and back wheels are set closer together for quick handling. To reduce both air resistance and rolling resistance on the road, racing tires are lightweight, narrow and have a smooth tread.

Due to the lower air resistance and better body stance for pushing, racing bicycles tend to be more efficient for use on smooth roads and are often referred to as "road bikes". While they were the norm in the 1980s, they have become less popular for recreational use in recent years due to the rise in popularity of more comfortable mountain bike designs.

Touring Bicycles
A touring bicycle is designed for traveling long distances, with an emphasis on pleasure and endurance over utility and speed. This type of bike is sufficiently robust, comfortable and capable of carrying heavy loads. Features may include a long wheelbase (to avoid pedal-to-luggage conflicts), frame materials that favor flexibility over rigidity (for ride comfort), heavy duty wheels (for load capacity), and multiple mounting points (for large luggage racks, fenders, and bottle cages). To accommodate long rides, touring bikes generally have comfortable handlebars and saddles.

Touring bicycles vary greatly and have a wide variety of sub-categories. Types include road, sport, expedition, mixed terrain, folding, recumbent and tandem.

Hybrid Bicycles
A hybrid bicycle is designed for general utility and commuting on a wide variety of surfaces, including paved and unpaved roads, paths and trails. It combines several different types of bikes into one, most commonly the road (racing) bike and mountain bike, and may look similar to a city (utility) bike.

In general, hybrids use the mountain bike's handlebars and brakes. The handle bars provide an upright sitting position which is considered most comfortable. From the road bike, they use the large wheel diameter for higher speeds, but use a wider rim and tire for increased strength. Different variations of the hybrid bicycle exist, as the design usually varies greatly by manufacturer. There are hybrid bicycles optimized for commuting, for use in urban environments, or for use on a variety of paved and unpaved road surfaces.

BMX Bikes
A BMX bike is usually used for the sport of bicycle motocross (for which BMX is the abbreviation). Although it's mainly designed for BMX racing, this type of bicycle is also popular for casual use, usually by teenagers. Frames are compact and made of various types of steel and aluminum. The bike includes smaller diameter wheels and is generally lightweight to easily allow for tricks and jumps.