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Jane Iredale, Founder & CEO (left) Victoria LeClear, Product & Business Developer Manager (right)
About the Collection

Innovator, philanthropist and makeup pioneer for the stars, Jane Iredale began her mega-successful career 20 years ago with a line of pure mineral powder makeup with the goal to have every ingredient nourish and protect skin while helping its wearers look their best.

As a die-hard multi-tasker, Jane made sure her products are multi-use. Most of her collection consists of 4-in-1 makeup, meaning each contains a foundation, concealer, sunscreen and active ingredients that actively care for the skin. Her formulations are also as natural as possible, perform at the highest level, are non-irritating and won't block pores. Even those with sensitive skin can benefit from Jane's carefully formulated products.

About the Guest

Victoria LeClear is an award winning Product Developer for anti-aging skin care, hair growth and cosmetics. An advocate for natural ingredients, Victoria has always valued a clean cosmetic standard that delivers instant and long term results without the added chemicals commonly found in the industry today. After being hospitalized for a rare genetic reaction that makes her more susceptible to environmental toxins, Victoria became passionate about sharing her story and the importance of clean, natural ingredients for all. Jane Iredale's brand standards align with Victoria's beliefs and has influenced her decision to become an ambassador for the brand.

Clean & Natural Made Easy
Jane Iredale Glow time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream and Foundation Brush
How to Apply

Sugar & Butter Lip Exfoliator/Plumper + Lip Fixation Lip Stain/Gloss
How to Apply
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