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Sony Blu-ray Player w/ "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" 3D Blu-ray Disc - 432-307

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432-307 - Sony Blu-ray Player w/  ''Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs'' 3D Blu-ray Disc
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Sony Blu-ray Player w/ "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" 3D Blu-ray Disc

Indulge in the cinematic entertainment provided by the Sony Blu-ray Disc Player! This Blu-ray Disc Player delivers your Blu-ray movies in 1080p full HD, accompanied by surreal audio that is enhanced with DTS-HD Master Audio and Dobly True-HD. Connect it to your display with a HDMI or USB cable. With built -in Wi-Fi connectivity, you can enjoy unedited video clips, exclusive movie trailers and more.

You will receive
  • Sony BDPBX39 Blu-ray Disc Player
  • Warranty Card
  • AV Cable
  • Remote Control with Batteries
  • Owner's Manual
  • HDMI Cable

Built-in Wi-Fi
Easily connect to the internet through your home's wireless broadband network.

Stream Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, HuluPlus and more
Instantly stream a wide variety of online movies, videos, TV shows, and music from Netflix,YouTube, Pandora, Hulu Plus and more.

Full HD 1080p Blu-ray Disc
Watch Blu-ray Disc movies in Full HD 1080p and upscale the visual quality of DVDs.

App for iPhone/iPad and Android Phones
Turn your phone into a remote control. With the free Sony Media Remote app, enjoy a full Qwerty keyboard and movie information search capabilities on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android phone or Sony Tablet.

Multi-room Music with Party Streaming Mode
Wirelessly stream music throughout the home to Sony Wireless Network speakers.

Socialize While You Watch TV
Socialize what you watch over Facebook and Twitter.

Watch Movies Faster Than Ever
Get it started fast. Quick Start/Quick Load lets you enjoy your movies within seconds

Wirelessly Stream Photos, Videos and Music with DLNA
All access to other devices. Using DLNA you can wirelessly access music, videos and photos from your PC or other compatible Android device and stream them to your Blu-ray Disc Player.

Access and Search Detailed Movie Info with Gracenote
Learn more about your movies. Get detailed movie information and search across internet apps, including YouTube and Video Unlimited for related entertainment with Gracenote.

Enjoy Music, Photos and Video Via USB
Life, easily shared. Bring your favorite videos, photos and music to your TV with the easy-access, front USB input.

"Throw" Your Music and Photos From Your Sony Tablet
Photos and music from your Sony Tablet] or other compatible Android device can be "thrown" directly to your Blu-ray Disc player for enjoyment on your TV.

Experience HD Sound With Dolby TrueHD and dts-HD
Sound you can feel. Dolby TrueHD and dts-HD codecs reproduce high-definition sound with 7.1 channels of discrete audio for uncompromised quality.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 3D Blu-ray Disc
Inspired by the beloved children's book, this family friendly movie takes the adventure of precipitating food to the third dimension with stunning computer generated graphics.

Dimensions: 1-5/8"H x 12-1/2"W x 7-13/16"D
Weight: 2.6 lbs
Made in China

Blu-ray Player Warranty: One year limited warranty
Warranty Support: 1-888-772-7669


Comparing DVD Players:
Comparing the various DVD player models that exist and deciding which to buy is simpler than it may seem. If you’re mainly interested in something that will hook directly to your TV and play movies, you’ll find good quality models for less than $100. Even the most basic DVD player will give you an excellent movie-watching experience. For those who are looking to get a little more out of their DVD player, there are plenty of choices out there.

  • If you have a home theater system, you’ll want to consider a DVD player that has Dolby 5.1 audio capabilities. This will truly bring your movies to life with rich, high-quality sound like you experience in theaters.
  • If you’re planning to use your DVD player to play audio CDs, there are models that will allow you to load multiple discs at once for longer continuous play. Some, but not all, DVD players also support CD-RW and MP3 playback.
  • If you have a high-end digital television with component video, you may want to consider a DVD player with progressive scan, which will give you an even sharper image quality than you can normally get with a regular TV and DVD setup.

    Hooking up your DVD player:
    There are several ways to hook up a DVD player to your television, and your options will depend upon both the type of signal your DVD player outputs and the type of signal your TV can input. Different DVD players have different output options, so it’s important to read the details about a particular model before you make your purchase.

  • Most newer televisions support composite video that uses a combination of yellow, red and white cables to connect to a DVD player, VCR or stereo receiver. If your DVD player is going to be one of several components in a home theater system, you may need to purchase additional cords to get everything hooked together.
  • Another method of connecting your DVD player is with a cable called S-video, which connects from your television to the player via a single cable.
  • If you have a digital television, you can connect your DVD player to it with special component video cords.
  • If you want to connect your DVD player to your television through the antenna/cable input jack, you will need to purchase an RF modulator to get it to work.

    Caring for your DVD player:

  • Caring for your DVD player is pretty straightforward. It is an enclosed unit, so it should not require much in the way of cleaning or maintenance. If you keep your DVDs clean, then your player should stay clean.
  • Keep your DVDs clean by always handling them by the edges. Keep them in their cases when not in use. If you need to clean the surface of a DVD, wipe it with a cotton fabric, always in a straight line from the center hole to the edge. A DVD should not be exposed to extreme temperatures, sunlight or high humidity.
  • Never attempt to use a cracked or broken DVD in your player; it can cause damage to the lens. Lens-cleaning kits made specifically for DVD players can help keep the lens clean and your player operating properly.


  • Aspect ratio: The width and height of the screen or signal. Widescreen is considered 16:9; most traditional televisions are 4:3.
  • CD-R: A compact disc that allows music or data to be recorded once. Most DVD players will play back CDs in this format.
  • CD-RW: A compact disc that allows music or data to be recorded many times. Some DVD players cannot play this kind of format, so be sure to check the details about a specific DVD player model if you want to be able to play CD-RWs.
  • D/A converter: Converts digital signals to analog (audio and/or video).
  • Digital outputs:
    Component video: Provides you with the highest-quality video image. Not all televisions support component video. It uses three RCA-style jacks.
    S-video: This is the second-highest image quality available. A cable connects from your DVD player to your television (both must have S-video jacks).
    Composite video: The most basic of all connections between your DVD player and your television. It uses a single RCA-style cable. This type of connection will give you the lowest-quality image.
  • Dolby Digital: Many DVD players feature Dolby Digital output, which provides you with a dynamic sound experience if you have a home theater set up in your home. Even if you don’t currently have a home theater but may assemble one in the future, this is definitely something to consider when purchasing a DVD player. The most common speaker setup is Dolby 5.1, where there is one in the center, one at front left, one at front right, one rear left and one rear right (the “5”) with one subwoofer (the “.1”).
  • Frequency response: Typical frequency response for audio equipment is from 20Hz to 20,000Hz (or 20kHz). Any frequency outside this range is typically inaudible to humans.
  • HDTV: High Definition Television. It features higher resolution and aspect ratio than what a traditional television is capable of.
  • Interlaced video: The traditional way to display an image on a screen by drawing the odd lines first, then the even lines at a refresh rate of 30x per second. A newer technology called progressive scan provides a sharper image than interlaced video, but not all video equipment supports progressive scan. If you have a digital television (or are planning on getting one), you may want to consider purchasing a progressive scan DVD player over the interlaced model. Progressive scan can also supply interlaced video, so it will work with a traditional television as well.
  • LCD (Liquid Crystal Display): Liquid Crystal Display. A flat display that does not utilize a traditional tube to project an image.
  • Letterbox: A “letterbox” refers to the black “bars” that appear at the top and bottom of the screen. Used to keep the integrity of the wider theatrical aspect ratio.
  • Progressive scan: An image that is processed in one pass at a rate of 60x per second. This provides a much sharper image than an older technology called interlaced video . Both your DVD player and your television/monitor must be progressive scan-capable in order to utilize this function. If you do not have a device that supports progressive scan (HDTV, CRT, LCD, etc.), it will not work. If you have a digital television (or are planning on getting one), you may want to consider purchasing a progressive scan DVD player. Progressive scan can also supply interlaced video, so it will work with a traditional television as well.
  • Refresh rate: The rate at which the image on the screen is completely replaced with a new image. This is measured in Frames Per Second (FPS).
  • RF modulator: Allows you to connect your DVD player to a television that does not have audio/video jacks in back. It connects through a coaxial cable connection.
  • VCD: Video CD. A primitive digital movie format. Some DVD players will play back CDs in this format.

  • Product Requirements:
    • 1. Requires compatible HDTV and HDMI] cable sold separately.
    • 2. Broadband speed of at least 2.5 Mbps recommended (10 Mbps for HD). Content subject to change and may require fees. Wireless connectivity requires an 802.11 home network (802.11n recommended).
    • 3. Applications must be downloaded from the iTunes] or Android application store. Check Android market from your device for compatibility. Requires devices connected to the same wireless home network.
    • 4. Requires Sony HomeShare compatible products and a home network.
    • 5. Requires a home network with content stored on a DLNA compliant PC or server, and HomeShare network speaker, dock, or Blu-ray Disc player or home theater system. See dlna.org for compatibility.
    • 6. Not all USB devices are supported. Please check Owner's Manual for compatibility.
    • 7. Requires devices connected to the same wireless home network.
    Supported Media

    BD-Live (Profile2.0): Yes
    BD-ROM (SL/DL): Yes
    Bonus View (Profile1.1): Yes

    BD-R: Yes (ver.3.0, SL/DL)
    BD-RE: Yes (ver.2.0, SL/DL)

    CD (CD-DA): Yes
    CD-R/-RW: Yes
    SA-CD (SA-CD/CD): Yes

    Hybrid Disc
    BD/CD: Yes (select in set-up menu)
    BD/DVD: Yes (select in set-up menu)

    Mixed Disc
    DVD Camcorder 8cm DVD: DVD-R/-RW
    DVD Camcorder 8cm DVD: DVD+R/+RW
    DVD+R Double Layer: Yes
    DVD+RW: Yes
    DVD-R: Yes VR or VR (w/o CPRM)
    DVD-R Dual Layer: Yes VR or VR (w/o CPRM)
    DVD-RW: Yes VR or VR (w/o CPRM)
    External HDD (Read/Write/Copy/Move): Yes - Read
    USB Memory: Yes (FAT32,NTSF)
      Clear all