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A Brooch By Any Other Name: A Pin for the Win

Some may call them "pins," while other pendant pedants may refer to them as "fibulae." Whichever you prefer, the pin is actually the world's oldest fashion accessory and so its timelessness knows no bounds!

Initially, they were a necessity to keep one's loincloth or apron in place during the day and were often unadorned. Over time, we began to see a shift from the practical to the ornamental with brooches growing larger and more decorated--often with pearls, amber or multiple gems.

The pin has indeed lived a varied life, so honor it as one of the most versatile accessories you can own. Today, brooches range from the most minimal to the big and bold, and you can take styling inspiration from nearly any period in history. Add a touch of polish to a straw hat like an Edwardian maiden so onlookers can admire its sparkle under the sun; fasten a demure pin on the collar of your oxford shirt to take the starch out of your workwear or use one to hold a scarf in place. And the possibilities don't end there. Add one to your purse, the lapel of your trench coat or the tops of your shoes!