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It's Just Like the Real Deal: A Simulated Diamond Necklace

Why spend the extra money, when you can have a product that looks just as spectacular? Take a faux fur coat or a brand imitated watch, for example. Don't worry, we get it. And so does your wallet. That's why we offer an amazing selection of simulated diamond necklaces.

When it comes to real diamonds, we know that they are created in nature and generally mined and treated before being purchased. The ones you see here are all created or simulated - meaning they aren't found in nature - but that's okay! These diamonds are created in a lab to simulate the real deal. In fact, growing them in a lab means that more can be produced and they can even look more consistent. Oh, and they are a little more cost effective, so you'll be saving that hard earned money of yours while still looking just as fabulous. They sparkle, shine and have a wow-factor just like the real thing. Your friends will never even know the difference.

So take a look at our pretty selection, envisioning how perfect your neckline will look with a row of simulated diamonds or a single drop. Why stop there? Take a look at our collection of simulated diamond rings, simulated diamond bracelets and simulated diamond earrings, too. You can never have too much money-saving sparkle!