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20% OFF jewelry purchases over $125 with coupon code: 20JEWELRY at Evine
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Simulated Diamond Bracelets – Sneaky Beautiful

When it comes to simulated diamonds, there’s nothing fake about them. I mean, they are not real diamonds, but they can look just as precious and brilliant as one. What’s that saying? Fake it till you make it? I think that’s it. If you don’t want to open up your wallet to splurge on a real diamond bracelet, go with a simulated diamond bracelet. Want to know a little secret? Your friends will never know! Unless one of them is a gemologist or has some weird obsession with knowing lots and lots of information about gemstones. What kind of crowd are you hanging out with? I’m going to guess you might simulate other things as well.

Affordability is one of the largest draws to simulated diamonds. Let’s say you have this extravagant gala downtown and everyone who knows anyone will be there. You want to make a big impression with some standout style. Designer dress. Check. Eye-catching heels. Check. Super cute clutch (that fits a flask, duh). Check. You’re feeling cute and confident and then you see the price total and your stomach drops. Where’s the money going to come from for all that jewelry you wanted to accessorize with? This is where simulated diamonds come into play.

Grab that bracelet, necklace and earrings you want. Oh heck, let’s even toss in a ring. This is the bee’s knees of galas. Go get em’ girl!