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Wonder.full Weekend at Evine
LG Choice of Size 4K UHD Smart LED TV - Refurbished Evine Price $1,229.99 - $1,729.99
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LG 49" 4K UHD 120Hz Smart LED TV - Refurbished Evine Price $359.99 - $549.99
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LG 55" or 65" Super UHD 4K Smart LED TV Sale Price $1,314.99 - $1,824.99
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Sansui 42" 1080p LED HDTV Evine Price $399.99
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LG 49" 1080p LED TV Evine Price $449.99
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Top TVs to Give Your Mind a Mini Vacation

For decades, television – or TV as we now refer to it – has been a celebrated way to pass the time, socialize and even make those dull afternoons at work drift away into distant memories. Everyone loves to come home, kick off their shoes and relax. Indulging in your favorite movie or TV show after-hours allows your mind to take a mini vacation – we all need one of those! Whether you enjoy sitcoms, dramas or just prefer the news is completely your business, but what kind of TV you choose to have in your home’s entertainment system is very much so our business.

Our experts in electronics have scoured the scene to bring you the best and most relevant products on the market; we’re talking innovative 4K TVs, high tech Samsung TV models and even incredible sound systems to improve your in-home theatrical experience. It’s all about indulging in products that will make your family life more captivating, interactive and – well, cool. Even if you’re just relaxing with your pals, it’s always great to reel in the compliments on your sweet electronics. So lay back, start browsing and snag the big screen TV of your dreams. There’s just no excuse not to. Binge away!

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