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An Un-Masked Experience – Beauty Masks

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing quite like enjoying a day at the spa. You can sit back and let someone pamper you through massage or maybe some skin treatments and you get to enjoy some delightfully crisp cucumber water. But we’re also aware that not every day can be spa day. Our favorite solution to this conundrum is to bring spa day to your home with a beauty mask! But don't stop there - what better way is there to prep for your spa day than to take a peek through our assortment of other bath and spa items? Some fluffy robes, mood lighting and accessories can truly bring the experience to life. We also highly recommend a few candles for ambiance.

But of course, we’re not going to forget one of our favorite parts about spa day! After a nice long soak (or perhaps during your soak), applying a mask to your face seems almost a necessary part of relaxing. Maybe you’re looking for a nice mud mask to help with enlarged pores or perhaps you’re looking to help simply rejuvenate your skin. There are masks to help with any and all problems - or, if you like, to simply set the mood and help you relax in your bubble bath.

So light a few candles, layer a nice mask on your face or body and let the soft tunes from the radio soothe you into a completely relaxed state of mind.

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