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About the Collection
Bring your style to life with the unique sparkle and brilliance of TYCOON Jewelry - luxurious men's and women's jewelry using patented, TYCOON CUT stones. This exclusive brand uses the finest AAA-quality simulated diamonds to give you an elite look.

With 9 crown facets and 24 pavilion facets, this premier cut refines and transforms tradition. Offering a higher degree of brilliance and fire, the TYCOON CUT is known as "the only diamond with a diamond on top" and is crafted by some of the most skilled stone cutters in the world. Offering a variety of shapes, including rectangular, square, round and the Royal TYCOON CUT, finding a piece that fits your taste is effortless.

Created with a high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail, each piece is made to give you a lifetime of pleasure. Crafted like fine jewelry, each stone is prong set, exuding the cut's maximum brilliance and beauty. Tastefully designed and versatile in style, every TYCOON ring, earring, pendant, necklace and bracelet exudes luxury.

Discover what makes you shine with TYCOON Jewelry.

Toros KejejianAbout the Guest
Growing up having learned the art of jewelry making as a young boy, TYCOON president and designer, Toros Kejejian, created and patented the TYCOON CUT.

Possessing a deep passion for fine jewelry and design, Toros will guide you through each meticulously cut stone so you too can experience the luxury, legend, style and beauty of TYCOON jewelry.

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