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About the Collection:
Experience the allure of India with Jaipur Jewelry Bazaar, a collection of 18K Gold Embraced™ gemstone jewelry inspired by the rich textures and colors of the East.

Reminiscent of jewelry found in India's beloved bazaars, each Jaipur design features intricate beadwork, ornate filigree, and colorful genuine gemstones for a one-of-a-kind, artisan feel. In addition, each piece is 18K Gold Embraced™ with layers of precious 18K gold over sterling silver or bronze for a rich, lustrous, radiant finish everywhere you look and touch.

Often referred to as the 'Paris of India', Jaipur has become a main metropolitan attraction in India. No trip to Jaipur would be complete without a shopping spree in its bazaars. Jaipur bazaars flourish with an endless variety of jewelry products showcasing the dynamic culture of the region. The vibrant colors, unique finds and vivacious atmosphere make bazaar shopping an electrifying activity unlike any other.

About the Guest:
Nearly a decade ago, on-air guest and jewelry designer Nayla Moosa's lifelong passion for Indian jewelry inspired her to design custom pieces for her friends, family and community. By adding her own special flair to traditional Indian design asthetics, Nayla has created a unique collection of jewelry that is beautiful, versatile and meaningful.

Jaipur Jewelry Bazaar® at EVINE Live
Jaipur Jewelry Bazaar (13 items found)

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Jaipur Jewelry Bazaar

Named for India’s main metropolitan region, the Jaipur Jewelry Bazaar exhibits shining fine gold designs unlike anything you’ll find outside of the Eastern hemisphere. Jaipur, also known as the “Paris of India,” is home to vibrant markets called bazaars, where visitors can peruse an endless display of food, clothing, accessories, and other goods. Explore a refined marketplace of jewelry online at Evine with Jaipur Jewelry Bazaar’s distinctive collection.

Every piece in the Jaipur Bazaar collection delivers brilliant designs and intricate attention to detail inherent of Indian jewelry. The textured embellishments and lavish finishes that decorate each earring, necklace, pendant and ring command attention and add a striking complement to nearly any wardrobe. Jewelry designer and on-air guest Nayla Moosa always had an insatiable interest in Indian jewelry, and that enthusiasm is what led her to begin designing custom pieces for loved ones over a decade ago. Since then, Moosa’s imagination has taken the Jaipur Jewelry brand to new heights, and her popularity on Evine has introduced her designs to new, adoring audiences.

Jaipur is not only a bustling cultural destination, but is also one of the largest exporters of gold, diamond, and gemstone jewelry in Asia. Once the royal capital of India, it’s easy to see how this city’s past influences Moosa’s contemporary aesthetic. The 18k Gold Embraced™ pieces featured in Evine’s online Jaipur Jewelry Bazaar collection are bold and ambitious, featuring intricate beadwork, ornate filigree and authentic gem accents. Ranging in size and color, the predominantly soft-edged pieces have been fashioned from enduring Indian styles, techniques, and trends to match yours.