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Far East Market
Visit EVINE Live's Far East Market and discover Asian-inspired jewelry designs featuring Jade, Pearls, Onyx, Cinnabar and other exotic gems. From classic, elegant pearl strands and fashionable colors in pearls, to ancient gemstones used in Asian jewelry dating back to the early dynasty, Far East Market is the place to find special, one-of-a-kind designs that bring joy and harmony to your life.

Many of the designs include hand-carved motifs and traditional Asian symbols. A pleasing selection of pearls is also central to this collection, including Freshwater, Salt water Akoya (both Chinese and Japanese), exotic category Tahitian, Golden South Sea and White South Sea. In addition, viewers can expect to learn about the history, traditions and folklore surrounding these unique, inspired creations.

Nick KwanAbout the Guest
Nick Kwan, son of popular jewelry designer and EVINE Live guest Roz Kwan, is your guide and concierge for your trip to the Far East Market. Nick grew up in the family jewelry business and despite his youth, has a wealth of jewelry sourcing, design, and manufacturing experience. He is an entrepreneur by nature, and has earned his expertise in the business through hard work and diligence. Nick frequently travels to Hong Kong, South East Asia, and Tahiti to source beautiful pearls, gemstones and diamonds for Far East Market. Born and and raised in Seattle, WA, Nick has a B.A. in business from St. Mary's University in Moraga, CA.

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Far East Market Jewelry

Explore the exotic with sublime fashion accessories by Far East Market. We proudly invite Nick Kwan, son of notable jewelry designer and EVINE Live guest Roz Kwan, to showcase delicate and feminine Asian-inspired pieces fit for any look. This stunning collection of Far East Market jewelry encompasses earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more to instantly add class to your appearance. Peruse through unique pearl fashion jewelry – including real freshwater, Tahitian and salt-water Akoya pearls – and stunning gems like carved jade, onyx, white topaz and more.

The Asian style jewelry selections from Far East Market feature customary images and contemporary designs, resulting in a perfect marriage of Old World charm with modern influences. Explore special, one-of-a-kind designs created with elegant freshwater pearl strands, exotic pearls with bright colors, and bold and vivacious gemstones. Select from among brilliant topaz, iridescent abalone, and other favored gem settings for a bold accessory you won’t find elsewhere. Far East Market jewelry pieces often display traditional Asian symbols and hand-carved motifs, with inspired images that date back to the early dynasty. Deepen your appreciation for traditions and bring balance and harmony to casual and dressy ensembles with Roz Kwan’s Far East Market jewelry at EVINE Live.

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