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About the Collection
Step into style with fashion focused footwear from Chinese Laundry. Since 1981, Chinese Laundry has been a powerful force in the footwear industry, standing at the forefront of fashion with trendy designs and refined classics that transition from day to evening with style and ease.

Chinese Laundry's stylish footwear consistently provides a mix of styles and trends that are ideal for today's woman on-the-go. From timeless footwear designs to the latest trends hot from fashion blogs and magazines, Chinese Laundry offers a great array of styles to fit every facet of your lifestyle.

Maia PowellAbout the Guest
Maia Powell developed her precise sense of style through her fashion marketing experience in front of and behind the camera. Passionate about designer brands and beautifully crafted footwear, Maia knows all the tricks of her trade.

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How does one describe the women’s shoe line Chinese Laundry? Expressive. Groundbreaking. Trendsetting. High-Fashion. These are just some of the descriptions that might come to mind when you browse the selection of heels, wedges and sandals of Evine. With an emphasis on sleek design, this footwear will give you the quality and luxurious look you desire, with the comfort to wear daily. Strap on a pair of knee highs or stilettos and enjoy the look and feel of your new shoes by Chinese Laundry.