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Sorelle "Love Birds" Limited Edition 12" Porcelain Figurine - 439-874

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439-874 - Sorelle ''Love Birds'' Limited Edition 12'' Porcelain Figurine
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Sorelle "Love Birds" Limited Edition 12" Porcelain Figurine

A tribute to the romantic in you! This 12" tall porcelain figurine is delicate and hand-made. Gorgeous detailing and hand-painted flowers give this pair extra love and attention. All hand-crafted and hand-painted so each piece is unique! Limited edition of 500!

"Anoush and I have always had a passion for collectibles we would either see at a friends or families house, an antique show or a museum in Europe! They bring back wonderful memories of the past which is an aspect of Sorelle which we love - take old pieces and add the Sorelle twist to make your antiques of tomorrow!"
- Anoush and Avisha Hendiazad.

Made of Porcelain.

Dimensions: 12"H x 6"W x 4"D; 2.4 lbs. Includes a certificate of authenticity and decorative storage bag. Made in China.

Care Instructions: Please use a damp cloth to wipe clean.

Caring for Your Precious Pieces: A How-To Guide for Porcelain
Whether a delicately feminine tea set or a remarkable vintage trinket box, porcelain items are the perfect accent to add glamour to any space. However, proper care is essential for your precious pieces. With fragile edges, delicate embellishments, and detailed engraving, special care is needed to protect and maintain the beauty of your favorite porcelain pieces. Here are the key steps to preserve and care for your porcelain, so that your favorite pieces of today will remain just as beautiful to become your antiques of tomorrow:
  • Before Washing: Handling and cleaning your delicate porcelain pieces should be done with the utmost of care, specifically when your pieces have adornments or gold edging. For embellished items, chose a discreet test spot before cleaning the entire piece. Before washing, line your sink with a soft, billowy towel or blanket.
  • Washing: Steer clear of harsh scrub brushes or sponges and abrasive cleaning products to clean your pieces. Clean your item using a soft sponge or cloth and nonabrasive, gentle dish soap. Be sure to avoid harsh temperatures by using warm water only. Never rub your item too hard, especially on any raised areas.
  • Drying: After air-drying, use only soft, lint-free towels and cloths to clean excess water from your pieces. Avoid rubbing your porcelain, and pat dry. Try to avoid using a dishwasher or harsh detergents.
  • Storing: Porcelain can be sensitive to temperature changes. Store your porcelain items in a safe, temperature-controlled, and dust-free space such as the gift box provided by Sorelle. For safe stowing, keep packaged porcelain free from weight and pressure by not stacking boxes on top of each other. Always be sure to store your pieces right-side up.

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