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Donna Salyers' Fabulous-Furs Chenille & Faux Fur Trimmed Gloves

Complete your look, head to toe! These fabulous gloves are just what you need to take your outfit to the next level. Whether paired with a light fleece jacket, sweater, puffer coat or leather jacket, these chenille gloves are a must-have item! Available in multiple colors, you're sure to find an option that works for your personal style!

Faux Fur Cuff is 3"

Relaxed Width: 5-1/2"

Expanded Width: 7-1/2"


  • Black Fox - Jet black glove and faux fur trim
  • Coyote - Taupe glove with faux fur trim in cream, grey, brown, tan, and cognac
  • Java Leopard - Black glove with leopard print faux fur frim in tan, black and brown
  • Lynx - Taupe glove with faux fur trim in white, brown and tan
  • Sable - Black glove with faux fur trim in shades of dark brown
  • Tipped Fox - Taupe glove with faux fur trim in tan, grey, brown and white
  • Plum Sheared - Black glove with faux fur trim in purple/plum
  • Chinchilla - Black Gloves with faux fur trim in shades of grey and brown
  • Carved Leopard - Black glove with fur trim in shades of light and dark tones brown
  • Leopard - Black glove with faux fur trim in shades of tan and black
  • Lemur - Black glove with faux fur trim in shades of black, white and brown
  • Norweigan Fox - Black glove with faux fur trim in shades white and black

Body is made of 90% acrylic, 5% nylon, 3% spandex and 2% polyester (Chenille). Cuffs are made of 100% acrylic (Faux fur). Machine wash cold. Line dry with no heat, ironing or bleaching. Made in China.

About the Collection
Indulge in animal-friendly luxury with Donna Salyers' Fabulous Faux Furs. Born from a love of animals and the idea that luxurious fashion could be cruelty-free, Donna Salyers' collection combines the finest materials with world-class craftsmanship to deliver stunningly realistic and affordable styles for women. Nearly 30 years later, each piece continues to receive personal attention from the design table to the sewing machine to you, allowing you to choose sustainable style without compromising quality.

Donna Salyers' Fabulous Faux Furs

Faux fur, real style

Donna SalyersAbout the Guest
Discover the beauty and softness of this exceptional brand with President and Founder, Donna Salyers. Motivated to create products that are luxurious, realistic and animal friendly, Donna's styles have become a favorite of fashionistas everywhere.

Starting the company in her basement in 1989, Donna set out to create a premium alternative to fur. Over the past two decades, her fabulous furs have appeared in magazines, newspapers and on several late night and daytime talk shows. Today, Donna works out of her headquarters in Kentucky. Discover the look, the style and realistic feel of Donna Salyers' Fabulous Furs.