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Madi Claire Croco Embossed Leather Satchel w/ Removable Shoulder Strap
Organize in style with this beautifully detailed satchel from Madi Claire! Offered in your choice of color, the stunning handbag features an eye-catching croco embossed exterior with a zippered top to keep your belongings secure. Double rolled handles offer a comfortable grip while a removable shoulder strap adds versatility. Wing-like flaps on the front and back present a modern look while dark brown shiny trim and wide whip stitching embellish the silhouette. Smooth sides complete the look.

Designed to keep you organized, the exterior features a front over flap pocket with a magnetic closure. Lined with nylon fabric, the interior includes two slip pockets on one side. The other side offers a zippered wall pocket, key fob holder, and three pen/lipstick holders. A footed bottom protects your bag from debris.

  • Black- Black croco embossed exterior with dark brown trim. Interior is light blue. Gold-tone hardware
  • Bone- Off-white/bone croco embossed exterior with light beige detail and cream trim. Interior is cream with yellow undertones. Gold-tone hardware
  • Burgundy- Burgundy croco embossed exterior with soft black on the embossing. Black patent finished trim and handles. Sides are slightly pebbled and burgundy. Interior is icy blue with a grey undertone. Gold-tone hardware.
  • Emerald- Emerald green croco embossed exterior with dark brown trim. Interior is silver. Gold-tone hardware
  • Hunter- Dark olive green croco embossed exterior with metallic forest green on embossing. Sides and front trim are smooth and light olive green. Metallic forest green crackle trim is patent finished. Interior is golden. Gold-tone hardware.
  • Lilac- Lilac purple croco embossed exterior with radiant orchid detail and dark purple trim. Interior is lilac purple. Gold-tone hardware
  • Mink- Taupe croco embossed exterior with bronze-tone on embossing. Metallic medium brown trim and handles Sides are slightly pebbled and mocha brown. Interior is golden. Gold-tone hardware.
  • Pecan- Medium brown croco embossed exterior with dark brown trim. Interior is light blue. Gold-tone hardware
  • Red- Classic red croco embossed exterior with dark red/maroon on embossing. Sides and front trim are smooth and soft red. Interior is dark taupe. Gold-tone hardware.
  • Royal Blue- Royal blue croco embossed exterior with metallic blue detail and royal blue trim. Interior is light blue. Gold-tone hardware
  • White- White croco embossed exterior with metallic gold on embossing and dark brown trim. The sides and the detailing on the front are nude. Interior is bronze. Gold-tone hardware
  • Yellow- Yellow croco embossed exterior with yellow detail and trim. Interior is yellow. Gold-tone hardware

Additional Information
Zipper closure. Bag measures 11"L x 6"W x 10"H. The handle length measures 13". The drop measures 6". Removable/adjustable shoulder strap length measures 30" to 54". The strap drop measure 14" to 26". Exterior made of 70% leather/30% vinyl. Interior made of 100% nylon. Bag weighs 1.6 lbs. Wipe clean with a soft cloth. Made in China.
Handbag Terms:

Baguette: A small handbag that is long and narrow like the French loaf of bread by the same name.

Billfold (wallet): A folding pocketbook with compartments for money, cards and personal items.

Bottom feet: Metal or plastic knobs on the bottom of a stiff-sided handbag. These protect the bag when it is set down.

Box bag: A small or medium-sized handbag with hard sides and a box shape.

Bracelet handle: A handle that forms a complete circle.

Bucket bag: A soft-sided, bucket-shaped handbag with a round bottom; usually taller than wide.

Change (coin) purse: A small purse or wallet section for loose coins.

Clutch: A small handbag that is carried in the hand with no straps or handles; it also may be tucked under the arm.

Coin (change) purse: A small purse or wallet section for loose coins.

Compartment: A large section inside a handbag.

Demi bag: A small handbag with a short top handle to be carried in the hand or on the shoulder.

Drawstring: A cord, strip of leather or fabric, or string that can be pulled to gather the fabric of a handbag to close it.

East-west: A handbag that is wider than it is tall.

Etui: Small, ornamental bag for personal items.

Evening bag: A handbag to use with evening wear; usually only large enough for a few personal items, such as money and lipstick.

Flap bag: A handbag with a fold-over flap that is its distinguishing feature.

Framed bag: A bag with a solid frame that defines its shape.

Gusset: The triangular end piece of a handbag that gives it its depth and roominess.

Half moon bag: A bag shaped like a half moon, with or without a handle.

Handle Drop: The distance between the top of the handbag and the top of the handle(s). This is the open space for your shoulder, arm, or hand to hold the bag.

Hobo bag: A slouchy, cloth shoulder bag that hangs down in the middle.

Messenger bag: A large bag with a long strap to wear across the shoulders. The front features a large fold-over flap.

North-south: A handbag that is taller than it is wide.

Organizer: A pocketbook with compartments to carry personal items.

Pocket: A small section inside a handbag.

Pouchette: A small, oval handbag.

Purse: A general term for a small bag to carry money and personal items.

Satchel: A large handbag with a top closure, top carrying handle and notable triangular side profile.

Sling bag: A cloth bag with a shoulder strap that attaches on one end to the top of the bag and on the other end to the bottom of the bag.

Shopper (tote) bag: A large bag with two handles and an open top.

Shoulder bag: A general term for a bag that can be strapped over the shoulder.

Shoulder guard: A piece of fabric or padding on a shoulder strap that distributes the weight of a bag.

Shoulder strap: A long strap on a bag that allows it to be carried on the shoulder.

Slouch bag: A general term for a cloth bag without a defined or stiff shape.

Top-handle bag: A bag with a small handle at the top for carrying in the hand.

Tote (shopper) bag: A large bag with two handles and an open top.

Valise: A handbag with a top closure that has two top carrying handles and features a triangular or oval profile.

Wallet (billfold): A folding pocketbook with compartments for money, cards and personal items.

Wrist strap: A thin loop of material attached to a small bag or wallet so that it may be carried on the wrist.

Zipper pull: A zipper with a tab for easy opening and closing; sometimes has a signature element of the handbag designer.

Joanne Plessner Madi Claire
Madi Claire handbags offer a smart, stylish blend of modern fashion and classic functionality that fits perfectly with today’s multi-tasking lifestyles. Convenient features make these bags excellent for every day use, especially for women on-the-go. Large openings, inside and outside zipper compartments, cell phone pockets, key fob holders, and easy-access pockets for iPods, sunglasses, and other essentials help you stay well organized, no matter what’s on your schedule.

While the functionality of a Madi Claire bag cannot be denied, neither can its fashionable style.  This up-and-coming new collection includes a wide selection of fresh, creative designs boasting fashionable silhouettes, trendy hardware, and pleasing attention to detail.

Tune in or shop online and introduce yourself to the sophisticated design and style of Madi Claire. You’re sure to find superior quality, style, and fashion, in a functional, easy-to-use bag.

About Joanne Plessner
How many stitches are in the handle of a Madi Claire handbag? Guest Joanne Plessner could probably tell you. And if not, she would know where to find the answer. As regional sales manager for Madi Claire, Joanne is the premier authority on Madi Claire designs and a keen observer of fashion and handbag culture. Joanne’s special mix of product knowledge, fashion savvy, and fun-loving personality makes her an ideal choice to present the Madi Claire collection.

Prior to joining Madi Claire, Ms. Plessner worked in a variety of capacities throughout the apparel and fashion industries including as planner and buyer. Joanne has been with Madi Claire for 12 years, and has worked in every division of the company.

Join Joanne on-air and discover the divine fashion and function of a fabulous Madi Claire handbag.
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