Renato Interchangeable Embossed Leather Strap

Men's or Women's Choices: Red or Blue leather strap

Accentuate your look with these interchangeable leather straps from Renato! Exhibiting alligator-like embossing, these straps are a great way to change up the look of your fabulous Renato. Available in men's and women's sizes: 10" long x 26mm wide for men's or 8-1/2" long x 23mmm wide for women's.

Will interchange with 618-304 Beast or Beauty Dual Time Watch: J416929.

  • Strap: Leather
  • Men's measurements: 10" L x 26mm W
  • Women's measurements: 8-1/2" L x 23mm W
  • Model Number:
    Men's Blue: : GS.BL
    Men's Red: GS.R
    Women's Blue: LS.BL
    Women's Red: LS.R

    Made in China.

  • About Leather:

    Commonly acquired from cattle, leather is animal skin that is typically a byproduct of the nation's meat industry. Animals such as bison, deer, elk, moose, pigs, goats, rabbits, sheep and caribou can also be used. Once the skin is removed from the animal, it is quickly preserved in salt. It is then cleaned, put into a chilling machine to lower the hide's temperature, and tanned to prevent deterioration. Upon completion of this process, the leather is ready to be made into retail items. Leather goods are strong, flexible, supple and long lasting.